Finding Self-Love with Respite Care

When caring for an older loved one, it can be hard to find time for yourself. The first step in maintaining emotional health, especially when caring for someone, is to practice positivity. Maintaining positivity and finding self-appreciation means starting a routine that is full of actions of self-love. It is also essential that the senior in your life feel the love as well. Fortunately, respite care programs are a service available to provide attention to seniors, while giving the family time to focus on themselves. With this new-found time, everyone can discover self-love.

Defining Self-Love

Everyone deserves time to appreciate themselves, self-appreciation does not have to be time-consuming. A critical means of happiness is to indulge in “self-love.” While this term may be familiar, what does it actually mean? According to Google, self-love (noun) “is the regard for one’s own well-being and happiness (chiefly considered as a desirable rather than narcissistic characteristic).” Just as it sounds, self-love is the means of taking the time to care for yourself. Now, you may be thinking, of course, I care about myself, but do you practice self-love? If you are unsure, try these 3 simple ways to find self-love.


1.    Pause and Reflect

Practicing mindfulness is a simple way of finding self-love. Mindfulness means remaining still and listening deeply to your inner thoughts. Find a quiet space, where you can be still, and close your eyes. Make some time in your day to sit down, clear your mind, relax and let go. If your schedule is fully occupied with being a caregiver for an older loved one, this is where a program for respite care may become useful. A respite care program can free a few hours for you in the day to take care of yourself, do laundry, and cook meals in advance. It is not selfish to allow yourself time to recuperate. Caregiving can be a demanding responsibility.


2.    Indulge A Littlerespite care programs

It is important to note “a little,” in the title for the message of this tip. If you overindulge, it can actually be self-harming. However, if ice cream is what makes you happy, it is okay to indulge every once in a while. Perhaps you eat frozen yogurt as a healthy alternative after dinner, once a week, as it’s okay to indulge in an ice cream sundae. The things you are indulging in might also be a spa day or buying a new suit, something that makes you happy and isn’t a regular activity.


3.    Discover Yourself

It is important to explore your emotions and understand why certain things make you feel in various ways. If you do not investigate and accept every part of yourself, it can be nearly impossible to treat yourself properly. Without experimentation, you will not fully understand what makes you genuinely happy. Just because someone tells you to do this, or eat this, to be happy and healthy, does not necessarily mean it is best for you personally. If something is bothering you or becoming too much, choose happiness over anything else.


Respite Care and Seniors

The temporary care provider that comes along with this service allows you just enough time to let the senior in your life be in safe care while giving you a break from the hectic norm. At Oaks, our respite care program allows for seniors to socialize and engage with like-minded individuals. With the availability of activities that residents can utilize, seniors can find time for relaxation and self-searching. Seniors will have access to beauty appointments and even fun events, such as art class. There are plenty of opportunities for seniors to escape into a little self-appreciation, but it is also essential for their loved ones to find self-love with their new-found time too.

If you and your loved ones can find the time to practice self-love, it will benefit the relationships in your life tremendously. If you cannot find the time, contact Oaks about respite care programs!


Blog Source: Oaks Senior Living | Finding Self-Love with Respite Care


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