Floor Remodeling Tips and Tricks


Floor Remodeling Tips

Why not get the best floor home improvement tips from the best in the Bronx?

Jimmy Lanzetta, the owner of Morris Park Floor, has been in the floor business for 47 years so he usually assures customers not to worry if they dread replacing the worn-out carpet in their home or if they don’t like the idea of installing their own hardwood floor.

He likes to remind anxious homeowners that his professional team can help them with every aspect of their new floors, from selection to installation — so they don’t have to worry about the heavy lifting or hard choices themselves.

“There’s not that many floor covering stores around.” He told thisistheBronx. “If you go into one of these big box stores, you can’t even get help there. At least if you go into our flooring store, we’ll acknowledge people when they walk in and we talk to them and guide them in the right place. If you go to a chain store, they don’t care. They really don’t care what you buy.”

Here are top ten tips on floor remodeling and maintenance straight from the Morris Park Flooring experts themselves!

1. Always order at least 10% more than is needed for the job.

Not having enough supplies ready for your installer may cause the installers to charge extra money in order to go out and buy more flooring. Having more materials than needed will save time and money.

2. Choose quality carpet backing for your carpet.

When buying carpet, remember that the quality of the padding is important and is always going to matter. Just as a building needs a solid foundation to be sturdy, your carpet needs a layer of quality padding to provide support, strength, and some extra cushioning.

So part of choosing a new carpet for your home is considering the carpet backing as well. This will help both to form the carpet’s structure and also to protect the carpet from moisture, bacteria, and mold that might seep up through the subfloor.

Note: Europeans had started to import carpet weavers from the Middle East around 1300 AD. In 1801, a device was invented by Joseph M. Jacquard that used punch cards to place up to six different yarn colors in textiles, which helped increased production.

3. Consider Engineered Wood For Durability.

You might have heard about ‘engineered wood.’ This isn’t strictly a hardwood option, but it does offer strength and durability. Engineered wood is a coated amalgamate with multiple layers of wood and epoxy. The top layer is a hardwood or another decorative wood option.

Unfortunately, some parts of people’s homes aren’t able to have solid hardwood floor because of moisture. For those who want the beautiful look of a hardwood floor in an area that’s too moist, engineered wood offers a great alternative that won’t warp. Engineered wood is real wood that is manufactured using different types of wood veneers.

4. If you’re trying to get a rental house in shape fast for incoming tenants, use carpet.

When you’re trying to get a rental house in shape for tenants, carpet is often your fastest option. Since carpet can typically be installed much more quickly than other types of flooring, you’ll have less turnaround time between tenants.

5. Carefully select the wood color to make your home look more spacious.

Lighter wood planks and stone tiles bring a fresh, spacious feel to living spaces and can help brighten up the darker areas of your home with fewer windows [and less natural light], while mid-wood planks and stone tiles can be a good match to neutral color schemes as well as adding warmth. If you want to add rich depth and a bit of luxury to your space, darker wood tones and stones will help you get just the look you’re going for.

6. Make your hardwood floors pet-proof.

Did you know that not all types of hardwood floor are pet-friendly? It’s important to choose a wood with at least three coats of urethane or polyurethane finish to prevent your pet from scratching the wood.

7. Hardwood floors are probably the best value.

Hardwood is the longest-lasting, most sustainable floor option available to homeowners. It’s also growing in popularity and can add a significantly large value to the home.

8. Steam your carpet properly to remove dents from heavy furniture.

Has heavy furniture left depressions in your carpet? Try holding a steam iron close enough for the steam to reach the carpet, but don’t let the iron actually touch the carpet. Lift fibers by scraping them with the edge of a coin or spoon.

9. If you choose two tile colors, it can look more decorative.

One of the best aspects of tile is how easy it is to create intricate designs and patterns. By simply choosing a second color of tile to mix in, your room will have added interest.

For depth of color and natural appeal, nothing beats stone tile. Granite, marble and slate are all popular today, and though they require some maintenance, the rich appearance of natural stone is unmistakable.

Porcelain is one of the strongest tile materials available on the market. It’s usually a bargain, too. It is typically less expensive than natural stone, but is lighter and stronger (and less prone to cracking) than stone. It’s also a stain resistant option.

10. Tiles can be bacteria resistant and easier to clean.

Unlike other floor materials, tile is a naturally bacteria resistant surface. It cleans easily and provides an inhospitable environment for the growth of mold, mildew, allergens and bacteria. When a tile floor is clean, it’s really clean.



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