Fuel Your Mobile Game Campaigns To Make It On Top This 2017

Fuel Your Mobile Game Campaigns To Make It On Top This 2017

The mobile game industry is clearly making its way to the top and drastically becoming the worldwide leader in the game industry. According to the recent report by Superdataresearch, consumers spent about $41 billion on mobile games followed by retail games with $26 billion and $19 billion for free-to-play online games.

But as the demand for mobile games rapidly increasing, so does the competition. It is not enough that you develop a game; you also have to be responsible for managing and promoting it. With the competition getting tough, you need to come up with a smart and effective campaign strategy to keep up.

So to help you, take a look at these tips which can help you boost your mobile game campaign.

Get Into The Social Media Play

Getting into social media to promote your mobile game is something you should not ignore. You have to start building a fan base and through your social media channels, you can build a community of users where you can connect, engage and share relevant information about your game.

Social media gives your app an identity and a voice to match your game’s personality. Social media platforms like Youtube and Facebook allow you to introduce your mobile game with a powerful mobile game trailer. This trailer can trigger your sales funnel from attracting leads to getting downloads and eventually converting to sales.

You can also share content to other platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn. But you don’t stop there, you have to be consistent. Share updates consistently so your fan base won’t think that you have lost interest. With consistent engagement with your fans, you will be able to build a good relationship with them.

Listen To Feedbacks In Your Community

Give users a good reason to download and share your mobile game. Oftentimes, you will not discover bugs, errors, flaws and improvements within your apps unless you take an outsider’s perspective. The most valuable feedbacks, oftentimes, comes from consumers.

Be open to criticisms, especially when it comes from your avid user. These criticisms can be your opportunities to make your app even better. Also, when you learn to listen to your users, they will feel more valuable and they will more likely to stick to your app when they feel that they are valued.

Create Something New Everyday

If you aim to give your users a gaming app which will make them come back on a regular basis, you have to give them a new experience every day. Try to provide them with something new which they have not tried yet like new levels, new episodes or new challenges. Some of the best mobile game apps of 2017 use an element of surprise to give their loyal users something they are looking for.

You can also give them rewards for playing your game on a daily basis. Free upgrade, coins or gems are some of the common rewards you can give them. Your players will love your app even more if you keep surprising them, so do not settle for what you are giving them now and try to find more ways to give them something new.

Practicality x User Friendliness = Sales

According to a report, about 95% of mobile apps are abandoned within a month after downloading. The most common culprits of abandoned mobile apps are impracticality and poor user experience.

As a game developer, you have to face the fact that users have low tolerance in mobile game apps that takes too long to load or too complicated to play. They want gaming apps that are easy to navigate and control and at the same time has a fast loading time.

Moreover, you need to keep your mobile games affordable. You can make it free to download but with in-app purchases so they can still try and test your game. This may seem counterintuitive but the cost can be miniscule compared to the impact it can bring to your users. Do not focus on the downloadable cost of your app, rather, focus on making an outstanding user experience. Encouraging them to purchase upgrades and other in-app features will be a lot easier when they love what they are doing.

Less Battery Consumption = More Game Time

Making your app less battery consuming will also give you an advantage compared to your competitors. The idea is simple; less battery consumption means more game time. Try to create an app that has less impact on the battery of life of mobile devices. You should learn to build an app that can modify and adjust some functionality and game activities based on the battery state of user’s device.

Your mobile app should allow disabling or reducing background service updates and batching of network request whenever battery level is low. You need to make your app adjustable depending on the current state of user’s device without compromising user experience so they can still enjoy playing your app.

Summing Up

Mobile gaming is on its hype and you need to step up your game so you can cope up with the competition. It is not enough that you create an app, you have to continue innovating and improving them to maintain a good number of downloads; minimize abandonment and most of all, provide users with entertainment and excitement.

If you want to earn a living out of game development, learn to adjust and adapt to with what mobile users needs. You need to get and hold their attention longer than your competitors can.  You can only do this when you know how to manipulate you gaming apps. Follow these tips above and who knows your mobile app could be the next big thing in the mobile gaming industry.


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