As part of our material handling range, we offer an ever-growing range of Furniture Moving Dollies designed for the lifting and transportation of furniture, machinery and other heavy loads from wardrobes to safes.

LES hold huge stocks of furniture movers offering capacities from 600-1800kg, choose from manual (winch) or hydraulic (bottle jack type) operation with lifting heights up to 300mm enabling transportation of most furniture. 360-degree wheel rotations provide convenient and easy steering around corners and obstacles whilst industrial padding protects contact points from abrasion whilst under load.

How do Furniture Moving Dollies work?

These simplistic furniture movers are easy to operate, best completed as a two-man operation- slide the toes of the movers under opposite sides of the load, position the toe on the lifting point, pump or winch the toe to gain a slight friction on the load, carefully secure the movers together with the load in-between by using the integrated ratchet straps fitted to the side of all of our movers. Begin to lift the load equally on both sides, checking periodically that the contact points are still in the intended positions, once clear or the ground and obstacles the item can be wheeled around.

Which is the right type for me?

FM60 Manual Furniture Movers 600kg

Lightweight at just 25kg (12.5kg each side) and ideal for storage in the back of work vans for lighter loads up to 600kg, lifting to a height of 300mm, these manually operated dollies are perfectly suited to moving fridges, freezers, washing machines, small machinery, wardrobes and many other loads.


FM180A Hydraulic Furniture Movers 1,800kg

Designed for heavier loads weighing up to 1800kg, these dollies are ideal for moving safes, machines and various other heavy loads, often used by delivery companies and favored for its hydraulic low-effort jacking system that makes light work of lifting loads to a height of 100mm. The heavy-duty design weighs 86kg (43kg each side) and features a 5m integrated heavy duty ratchet strap for load security.


FM180B Hydraulic Furniture Movers 1,800kg

This model includes all features and operates in the same manner as the FM180A but with an increased lifting height of 250mm


For further information and demonstrations of our manual and Hydraulic Furniture Moving Dollies give us a call today on 01384567430.




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