Great news, India is now ready for live fantasy gaming

Fantasy gaming industry is currently taking the thrills of watching sports to a whole new level. Fans can now play fantasy games based on the actual games while watching the latter. Unlike traditional fantasy sports, fans can change players while watching live games. Live fantasy games are already the next big thing. Today, creating a fantasy sports website with live gaming features has become an integral part of brand integration for sports brands and leagues.

What’s live fantasy gaming?

Live fantasy gaming or draft gaming is a new type of fantasy sports where users can play fantasy games while watching the actual games on which the fantasy games are based on. They can select 4-6 players into their team and can substitute them when the actual game is in progress by using power-ups. While fantasy sports are already very thrilling, live fantasy takes them a few notches up. Unlike the usual fantasy sports where users are required to create a team and lock before the actual games start, live fantasy allows users to change their tactics or team as the game progresses.

The growth of fantasy sports in India

Fantasy sports have indeed grown exponentially in India. The growth has been 10 times in the last two years alone. India is becoming an important market for fantasy sports with cricket ruling the roost while football and hockey catching up fast. In 2016, there were 2 million fantasy gamers in India and now they are 20 million.

Live fantasy in fantasy sports app development

While fantasy sports is a growing industry, keeping up the engagement with fans constantly has been a growing concern. This is precisely why operators offering fantasy sports solutions have been constantly innovating and keeping up the thrill factor high. Live fantasy comes at a time when fantasy sports website development is one of the agenda of any sports or league branding. Here are some of the advantages of integrating live fantasy gaming while creating a fantasy sports website –

Deeper brand integration

Live fantasy gaming allows for a smooth brand integration for any sports or league brand. When users are allowed to challenge themselves with group-based games or online contests with other contestants, they end up unlocking more features, spending more on the games. As a result, merchandise sellers or advertisers are able to find them where they are engaging the most. This leads to deeper brand integration and engagement.

More time spent on fantasy sports apps

Live fantasy definitely doubles the time an average fantasy sports user spends on a fantasy sports application. A fantasy sports app development company can include exciting features that lead to increased time spent on the application. As of now, average fantasy sports users are spending 40-45 minutes a day on the application which may increase to 60 minutes with live fantasy. This gives the advertisers an undivided attention of their target audience for higher periods of time leading to sales or increased revenues.

Better user behaviour tracking

Live fantasy ensures that users are on the application for a consistent period of time. There’s no better time to track user behaviour than when users are engaged with the app most passionately. This gives business unique insights into user behavior leading to more meaning and useful brand engagement and marketing. This leads to customization of branding merchandise further compelling users to engage with the brand more and more in future.

Integrate live fantasy in your application development

Vinfotech is a fantasy sports website and app development company with an impeccable track record of eight years. We have already developed live fantasy gaming platforms in the past and these platforms have exceptionally well for our clients. If you are interested in fantasy sports website development including live fantasy games, do give us a call or check out our recent work done in fantasy sports website & app development.


Blog Source: Vinfotech | India is now ready for live fantasy gaming


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