Guide to beat moving day stress

MOVING house is one of life’s most stressful events. After the emotional toll of finding a new home, the sheer enormity of the task of moving belongings from one place to another overwhelms many people. But moving house doesn’t have to be a headache as these industry experts explain.


“Always start planning early — at least a month before,” says Mairead Carstens, operations director at removals company Metro Movers.

“So many people will call us even the day before with a five-bedroom home to move,” she says.

Get at least three quotes from removalist companies and ensure your chosen removalist has sufficient trucks and staff, in case a truck breaks down on the day.

Avoid planning other events on the move day so you can focus solely on the move.

“Even if you can arrange for someone to pick up the kids and little things like that,”
Mairead says.

Settling the new and old properties on the same day increases stress as you are working to a deadline so in that situation, Mairead advises people book their removalist, even if they don’t know their settlement time.

At Metro Movers, a large truck with two men costs $179 an hour.


Use the right materials to move house and you will be well ahead. “Packing materials designed for the purpose make the packing process more efficient,” advises Kent Removals and Storage chairman Graham Kent.

Use white butcher’s paper instead of dirty newspaper to protect precious items and always label moving boxes with their contents, as well as the room they will eventually belong in.

“Keep each box to 20kg maximum for easy lifting and fill empty space inside boxes to help limit movement, using towels, sheets, clothing, paper or bubble wrap,” Graham says.

Start early by packing those items you don’t use much. And don’t forget to book services such as the relocation of pets, cars, boats, trailers, and caravans.


Kristina Duke, a professional organiser, and owner of Decluttering Diva, says moving is an opportunity to confront the layers so you can enjoy a clean start.

Kristina has a pack-and-purge service, where she helps clients sift through what to take to their new home. To get started, she suggests assessing everything as it’s packed.

For instance, do you still need all the baby blankets and kiddy towels in the linen cupboard if you are downsizing? If you don’t declutter when you move you can end up holding on to unnecessary items.

“What usually happens is (clients) move in the essentials and then they run out of time and shove the rest into the new garage,” Kristina says.

Kristina says most professional organisers charge per hour, with rates varying from $50-$150.


If you are moving from an apartment to another apartment, ask the building managers at both sites if you need to book the lift and what time you can book it from and to, Mairead Carstens says.

If parking a large removalist truck on the street at either end is likely to be a problem, she suggests reserving parking spots or arranging a parking permit.


Stressed by the time it is taking to pack up for your big move? Keep getting sidetracked?

It may surprise you to know professional packers from Moving Smoothly arrive just a day prior.

“It’s more difficult (to pack) when it’s your own stuff because you’re more emotionally attached to it,” says Moving Smoothly owner Alison Trowsdale.

“We can do it quickly and easily and practically and sensibly.”

Prior to the moving day, Alison visits the home to get an idea of exactly what needs to be packed and provides a quote on the spot. Her all-woman team can unpack the belongings at the other end as well.

The number of staff needed depends on the size of the property, with an hourly rate of $55 per worker per hour or $65 on weekends.


When the removalists arrive to give them a detailed tour of the home and clear moving instructions.

“Make sure ‘high priority’ boxes are easy to access, clearly marked, and that your removalists are, aware of them so that they can be loaded on to the truck last and taken off the truck first,” Graham Kent says.

Check that all utilities are connected to the new property and make assembling beds a priority as you will need a good night’s sleep after the move.

Next unpack the kitchen, bathroom and other key areas.

At Kent Removals and Storage, the cost of moving depends on the day of the week, with weekdays generally cheaper than weekends.


Cleaning up is the last thing most people feel like doing after moving house but for renters, in particular, it is crucial to leave the old house spick and span in order to get the bond back.

Houseproud Cleaning franchise owner Susan Inwood says a cleaner is particularly useful when working to a tight time frame such as an end of lease situation.

“It’s something that can be ticked off the list of things to do, with little to no effort aside from a few phone calls,” she says.

“You will have the peace of mind that on a certain day, the property will be clean.”

The cost of a moving clean with HouseProud Cleaning varies depending on the property size
and the current state of cleanliness, but generally it’s between $150 and $500.

Blog Source: The Daily Telegraph | How to take the stress out of moving into a new house How to beat moving day stress


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