Guide to Where You can Place Wallpaper Mural

wallpaper mural is an eye-catching feature. But where should it go? Which wall should you choose?

Which wall is your eye already drawn to when you enter the room? A wallpaper mural is a great fit for rooms that don’t have any other architectural features, so maybe one wall isn’t more dominant than any the other … yet.

First, consider whether your wallpaper mural could interfere with furniture placement, doorways or windows. Measure the space you have available for a mural and shop accordingly. You may be able to trim your mural to fit the space depending on the design, but ideally, you want to choose a spot that accommodates the entire piece of art.

Also, think about lighting. Depending on where natural light enters the room, curtain walls could give off more of a glare than others. Ensure that there is enough ambient light for the mural to be clearly seen.

Assess Your Other Walls When Thinking About Accents

Next, consider the colors on your other walls. To find a wallpaper mural that is truly an accent, incorporate shades already in the room, but also include some contrast. Also, think about whether you plan to paint your other walls to match the wallpaper mural, or if you will look for a pattern or design that fits with how the room looks now.

Choosing Specific Colors

The color of your wallpaper mural will determine the mood of the room. Depending on what you’re going for — either a warm or cool tone — consider this: east and north-facing rooms feel cooler, so they need a warmer color to brighten them up. West and south-facing rooms are the opposite; they’re already warm, so cooler tones work well here.

Get an Accent without the Commitment

What’s great about wallpaper murals is that they are available in removable varieties, no steaming needed. This is especially helpful for people who are renting their home or apartment. You won’t upset any landlords!

This is also a great option for decorating children’s bedrooms. Their tastes change quickly, and no tween wants princesses or superheroes decorating the walls of their refuge. If their interests tend toward animals, music or sports, you can easily and quickly create a design that can be swapped out in another six months when their preferences shift again.

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