Guide in Choosing an Accent Wall

An accent wall looks different from the rest of the room — it’s the space you’re trying to draw attention to.

You can attract people’s eyes to this area in a few different ways. The first is with embellishments or décor.

However, the most common way — and a favorite of designers all over the world — is to change the paint color or add wallpaper. Color changes instantly draw the eye. Going one step further, colorful designs found in the wallpaper are able to garner attention even faster.

Once you know what wallpaper and paint color combo you want to add, the next step is choosing an accent wall. Below, we list a few ways to help you figure out which is the best wall to use as the eyepiece.

1. Choose Walls with Unique Features

Some walls are naturally more impressive than others. These types of walls usually have an eye-catching feature like a beautiful mantel or fireplace.

Because these pieces stand out strongly, you’ll want to pick a wallpaper that is both subtle and complements the designs the unique features.

Not all unique features are permanent. Some other attractive features may be a giant painting or photo of your family.

2. Avoid Walls with Lots Doors or Windows

Walls with doors and windows break up the continuity of your design. This makes it more difficult to hold the gaze of your guests. While windows and doors are distracting, a long stretch of wall isn’t.

In addition, the light from the window or an open door can make your accent wall hard to see and appreciate. Instead, choose a wall that is easy and comfortable to look at.

3. Complement the Room Shape

For rooms that are long and rectangular, the best accent wall is usually the short wall at the end. Adding extra focus to this wall helps make the room appear shorter and more congruent.

If you choose one of the longer walls, you will make the room feel less proportionate.

Add Wallpaper to Your Accent Wall

While there are many different ways that you can accent a wall to make it stand out, the best option is to add wallpaper. Not only is it much easier to work with than clunky and stiff décor, but also it draws attention in all the best ways.

Blog Source: Wallpaper Warehouse | How to Choose an Accent Wall


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