A Guide in Choosing a Faux Effect Wallpaper

faux effect wallpaper can have a powerful influence on the mood of a room. Your home should be an environment you can fully relax in, but also one that’s welcoming and inviting to guests. Sometimes balancing personal tastes with neutral aesthetics and budget is a line that’s hard to walk, but at Wallpaper Warehouse, we’re here to help.

faux effect wallpaper is a great way to be unique and stand out, but not at the expense of your interior decorating budget. When you’re reviewing your options, which product gives you the feel you are going for? Below is a guide to help you choose, and it considers your personal preferences, product features, and price!

Stone, Brick or Wood? Which Natural Material Is “You”?

Stone, brick, and wood are the most common types of faux effect wallpaper. Which material are you naturally drawn to?

Stone is a broad category, as there are many types of faux stone wallpaper styles that mimic different looks. From fieldstones to slate, you have many options to choose from. Stone offers a connection to nature and exudes strength and endurance.

Brick is all the rage. Traditional red brick, painted white brick, black brick, faded brick … the options are endless. Brick offers the industrial, weathered look that contributes to both classic and modern styles, depending on the type of brick you choose.

Reclaimed wood is also popular. From earthy brown planks to white shiplap and everything in between — it all looks amazing on your walls.

Compare the Costs

To apply real stone or brickwork to your interior walls can easily become a multi-thousand-dollar project. You need an experienced mason as well as the expertise of an engineer to ensure the wall up to code and the material is safe for your home. On the other hand, wallpaper is a fraction of the cost and you can install it yourself — no permit required.

Compare the Performance

While natural wood on the wall needs to be protected from moisture to avoid rot, you can hang faux effect wallpaper in the kitchen (especially if it’s made of vinyl) and you don’t have to worry about mildew or decay!

Compare Bargains!

Of course, the price is always a consideration, so make sure you shop around before you purchase a large order of faux effect wallpaper. Once you’re sold on this design theme for an accent wall — or multiple walls — check out the deals at Wallpaper Warehouse to see if you can get the design you’re looking for at the right price.


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