A Guide in Choosing the Right Fabric For Your Building Project

When constructing a fabric building, many engineers, building owners, and project managers come down to two choices—products based on polyethylene and those developed using polyvinyl chloride (PVC) coated Polyester Fabrics.

Selecting the right choice for your product depends on your priorities, the environment of the building and other considerations.

Most structure fabric materials are durable and able to work for many types of buildings when manufactured, inspected, and installed correctly. At a glance, Polyethylene products have many similarities to PVC/Polyester products, but the PVC/Polyester fabrics offer some key advantages.

Set Your Priorities

Given the similarities, one might think that either option is the same, but Polyethylene and PVC/Polyester fabrics vary in some key ways.

There is no simple answer to the perfect fabric for your job. Consult with experienced professionals who have worked extensively with structural fabric. They will make recommendations based on your specific needs. To learn more about architectural fabric options, contact Shelter-Rite.

Blog Source: Shelter-Rite Architectural Fabric | Choose the Right Fabric For Your Building Project


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