Guide For Moving Cats To A New Home

Moving cats to a home can be tough on them, both mentally and physically! Cats are hyper-sensitive when it comes to being placed in a new environment with unusual surroundings, especially throughout the moving process with people constantly in and out of your new home. Most cats, regardless if they are young or old, will hide underneath a bed or in the back of a closet for a few days after the initial introduction to a new residence. At VIP Petcare, our cat experts have detailed the steps you should take to properly move your cat into a new home as pain-free as possible, helping them get acclimated and feel safe in no time at all.

Moving a cat to your new home can be split into three steps:

1. Pre-Move Preparations

If your cat isn’t already used to its carrier, make sure to set it out in your cat’s room with the door open and a comfy bed inside. If your cat is avoiding it, try to stick some treats inside it every once in a while until they start to get used to it. You can also use their food dish as a lure to get them to go inside the carrier. Start off easy, placing their bowl right next to the opening. As the days go on, continue to put it further and further into the carrier until your cat doesn’t mind walking all the way into chow down on their meal.

Make sure to put out your moving boxes a couple of weeks before you need to start packing so your cat has time to get used them. If your cat is acting nervous while you’re packing, it will probably be happier and more content shut off in its own room; away from all of the activity and loud noise. It’s also a good idea to confine your cat to its room if you think he or she might try to hide in one of the boxes. During the packing process, try to keep your cat’s daily routine as stable and consistent as possible. Stick closely to his regular schedule for feeding, play, and attention. If your cat is acting extra nervous as you pack, you may be able to speak with your local vet to get anti-anxiety medication to ease the transition.

2. The Big Move

On moving day, make sure to feed your cat a smaller breakfast to prevent any unwarranted upset stomachs. After breakfast and before any movers get to your place, make sure to shut your cat inside its own room with toys, a water bowl, and its carrier, as you don’t want it to run out the door as your belongings are being transported into the moving truck. Once packing has been completed and your cat is in the carrier, resist the urge to soothe him or her by opening the carrier door during the drive. A scared cat may try to dash out of the carrier inside the car, so it’s best to remain calm and wait until to arrive at the new place. Only open your cat’s carrier in a secure place!

3. How To Get Your Cat Used To A New Home

First thing’s first: cat proof your new place before you start unpacking. Tuck away electrical cords, plug up areas where a cat could hide or get stuck, make sure that all windows have secure screens, remove any poisonous houseplants, and confirm that no pest-control poison traps have been left anywhere in the house. Your cat should be the first thing you tend to before unloading, so take him or her straight to a room that will be the quietest. Before you open the carrier door inside the room, make sure to place food and water dishes out, open their litter box, lay out their bed, and scatter their toys across the floor. You can place cat treats throughout the room to encourage them to explore.

Your Cat’s New Home Base

Keep your cat in his or her home-base room for his first several days in the new house. By doing this, it will allow your cat to gradually get used to the sights, sounds, and smells of his or her new home without feeling overwhelmed or anxiety-ridden. Keeping your cat in one room will also make it easy for him to find his litter box, food, and water. Make sure to spend time with your cat inside his or her room, encouraging play and comfortability with treats. Once unpacking has been completed and your house is set up, gradually give your cat the freedom to explore the new house. In no time at all, they will love to explore and play in their new home!

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Once you and your cat are comfortable in your new home, it might be time for your furry friend to obtain their yearly round of vaccinations and preventatives; promoting a happy, healthy life on your new adventure together. With VIP Petcare, it’s easier than ever to maintain your cat’s health and wellness with our easily accessible mobile pet care clinics near you. Our mobile pet care clinics span all across the country, giving more cat owners access to professional pet care services than ever imaginable. To find out if there is a VIP Petcare mobile clinic or wellness center in your area, don’t hesitate to use our online pet clinic finder!

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