Guide On Preventative Maintenance For Your Commercial Roof

In medicine, they say that the most skillful doctor can cure a disease but the safest physician is the one who prevents it in the first place. The same could be said for most any business, especially a commercial roof, where preventative maintenance can help you avoid problems and extend the lifespan of your roof.

Nature and the ravages of time can wreak havoc on your commercial roof. If you spend your time just fixing the things that go wrong, you will never be able to keep up. You will be stuck in a constant cycle of breakdown and repair. The only way to sustain your roof is with continuous preventative maintenance.

Why preventative maintenance for your commercial roof is important

To maximize the lifespan of your roof – with quality installation and proper maintenance, your roof can last 15 to 30 years. By fixing minor problems before they become major headaches, you can extend its service life. This should start the first year after installation and continue over the lifetime of your commercial roof.

To protect the structural integrity of your roof – just one inch of standing water can weigh more than five pounds per square foot. All it takes is two days or less of this kind of ponding to affect the fundamental reliability of your roof. In extreme cases, it can result in roof failure.

To improve your roof asset management plan – your commercial roof should be considered an asset and, as such, needs an organized approach to its care.

How to prevent problems with your commercial roof

You wouldn’t wait years to see a doctor to check your blood pressure, heart rate, and lung function. That would be a recipe for a health crisis. Therefore, why should your roof be any different?

No one wants the expense and hassle of commercial roof replacement. The best way to elude this is to take the necessary steps today in order to prevent roof failure tomorrow. These tips can get you started.

1. Schedule regular inspections.

To protect your roof and your building, experts advise that you have your commercial roof inspected at least twice a year. This should be done in the spring, to check for any damage caused by winter’s wrath, and again in the fall to make sure you are ready for colder temperatures, snow, and ice. You may want to have the roof checked more often if it gets a lot of foot traffic or if you are located in an area that experiences frequent storms or high winds. During the inspection, your contractor should look for any signs of damage and make recommendations for next steps.

2. Check for potential problems.

Something as simple as a partially blocked drain pipe can cause considerable destruction to your commercial roof over time. Make sure that any water can flow easily away from your roof and property. Tenting, billowing and patch pockets that have not been filled could also be signs of potential trouble. Also, check for any gaps or rips in the flashing. In addition, you should examine the vents and ensure that all equipment is properly sealed and secure. Areas around penetrations must be carefully inspected as well. Some examples of this include spots where things like gas lines, HVAC units, and drains are channeled through the roof membrane. These common roofing components are the source of many preventable issues. Taking care of them before they create problems will save you both time and money.

3. Make basic repairs.

Don’t procrastinate or neglect essential repairs. Early warning signs should be heeded before they get out of hand. Flashings pulling away from the wall and anything that blocks drainage are just two of the issues that can be easily repaired. Mending small blisters and splits in the spring will help to prevent cracks and leaks when the temperature turns cold. Your commercial roof may also experience surface erosion, punctures and various types of damage from falling objects. If you take care of these problems as soon as possible, it will be money well spent.

4. Add a layer of protection to your roof.

The appropriate coatings can help shield your commercial roof from moisture, environmental conditions, and UV rays. The sun can do significant harm to your roof due to its ability to dry out the materials, which can cause them to crack and split. When this happens, water gets in and leads to leaks. Too many leaks can weaken the structural integrity and, before you know it, trigger a full roof failure. If this happens, you might face additional costs related to ruined or broken equipment, lost productivity or lawsuits.

Applying coatings can also help save you money on energy costs. For maximum effect, choose a coating that contains aluminum paste, which will give your roof a silver gloss and enhance your roof’s reflective properties. A quality commercial roofing contractor can help you find the one that’s right for you.

5. Leave the inspections and repairs to the experts.

While you may recognize glaring problems that require immediate attention, a top quality commercial roofing contractor should spot smaller issues long before they become major headaches.

In addition, it’s also vital to have any work, repairs or roof replacement done by qualified professionals. Incorrect installation can lead to serious problems in the future. Beware of roofing companies with unusually low bids. This often means that they have made compromises on the quality of the materials they use just to give you a lower price estimate. You will save money at the beginning but this will actually wind up costing you a lot of money in the future.  It may even require an entire roof replacement sooner than expected. Even though most roofing materials have warranties, these will be voided if it’s discovered that inferior workmanship is the ultimate cause of the problem.

You would not diagnose your own health problems or go to a physician who is unqualified, inexperienced or unlicensed. Treat your commercial roof with the same level of consideration and care.


Blog Source: Peck Brothers Roofing | Tips On Preventative Maintenance For Your Commercial Roof


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