How to Hang New Wallpaper Over Old

You’re ready for new wallpaper … but are your walls?

Whether you feel like switching styles after only a year or two, or you’re interested in covering
the outdated, centuries-old design you’ve got now, you know that taking down wallpaper is
time-consuming. Is it a task you can avoid? Can you simply paste the new wallpaper over the

Good news: It is possible, but it depends on the type of wallpaper you want to hang, the color of
both the old and new wallpaper and the condition of your walls.

Assess the Condition of Your Wallpaper

How smooth is the wallpaper? If you’re hanging new wallpaper over a bumpy surface, every
defect will show up.

This might not matter if you hang a textured wall covering that will conceal the defects, but if
you’re hanging a thin paper, the underlying wallpaper has to be smooth as well, or else you must
take it down.

If the wall itself is bumpy, you can smooth out the plaster before application.

How Many Layers?

If you have more than one layer of wallpaper hanging on the wall already, you shouldn’t hang a
third. The longer you let the first layer sit (and the more layers you apply on top), the worse for
the wear your walls will end up down the road.

Know the Risks

If want to hang new wallpaper over old, the first layer can’t be a bold color, either. Vibrant colors

will show through if the second layer isn’t the same shade. Further, when you apply the second
layer, the chemicals from the application process may cause the colors from the first layer to
bleed through.

It’s best to do a test first by hanging a small piece where it’s not obvious, just to make sure it
comes out the way you want.

When in Doubt

If you’re worried how the second layer of new wallpaper will turn out, why not err on the side of
caution and take down the first layer? We have plenty of tips on how to do so quickly and
effectively. Plus, we sell plenty of high-quality, statement designs that will surely give you a
vision to keep you motivated throughout the renovation!


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