Helpful 15 Tips To Plan, Prepare, And Pack For A Move

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You have finally bit the bullet! As the SOLD sign is willingly pegged into the ground, and the freshly signed ink on the dotted line dries; the realization that you bought a new home begins to sink in. Among the plethora of questions running through your head, you stop in your tracks and remember that all of them come secondary. First, you need to focus on packing and moving.

Despite common perception, packing for a move does not need to be a laborious task. With the proper planning and preparation in place, packing can actually become an enjoyable part of the moving process. It should be a time of celebration for a new chapter unfolding, and not a source of stress and concern.

The following moving tips are meant to help you stay focused, organized and have a stress-free and seamless move to your new home!

Tip #1 – Keep A Notebook Dedicated To The Move

Use a notebook for a moving journal to plan out and organize your move


To simplify the moving process, designate a notebook or binder separate from your regular agenda or filing system that can hold everything from To Do Lists to budget breakdowns and receipts.

Utilize colored post-it notes or page dividers for easy accessibility to must-read sections.

If you are using a binder, it would be advantageous to have leaflet holders or pockets to slip in important documents for quick removal and use.

Make any mental notes or reminders to yourself about where certain things are packed or where they need to be packed for the move.

Tip #2 – Calculate Your Moving Costs

Add up your total estimated moving costs to make a budget for the move

Prior to starting your moving preparation, it is imperative to calculate what you are willing to spend towards your move to help you abide by it along the way.

Whether you would like to hire professional services or move on your own, there are a lot of expenses to factor. Everything comes with a price tag and can quickly add up unless planned for properly.

Furthermore, it may be a chance for you to find out if your employer will be offsetting any costs and how much they will allow. Don’t forget to keep your receipts as well as you may be entitled to government grants and income tax reductions.

Moving Costs To Plan For

  • hiring movers or renting a moving truck or container
  • moving boxes, tape, padding, and supplies
  • carpet shampoo & cleaning of prior residence
  • travel costs – gas, food, lodging, or bus/plane tickets
  • oil change and vehicle maintenance before a long distance move
  • bills due at your old home or bills due at your new home
  • “rainy day money” in case of accident or emergency during your move
  • anything else you can think of that has not been mentioned here!

Tip #3 – Change Your Address Before You Move

Don’t forget to change your address with everyone important!


Before you begin packing, take a section of your notebook and jot down all the essential utilities, organizations and people whom you may need to contact prior to moving. This would include setting up address changes through your postal service, forwarding mail for at least the first month or two, setting up electricity, telephone lines, cable, etc.

Make sure to update your address with the Department of Motor Vehicles, your insurance companies, with any other company that sends you bills, and with your family and friends. Allow for the non-essential hookups to take place either later in the day of moving a day or the following day. This will alleviate any stress of having movers and utility professionals stepping on each other’s toes while getting set up and organized in your new home.

Don’t forget to update your doctors, dentists, etc before you leave….especially if you are moving long distance or out of state. Most professionals will be able to refer you to a new location in your new town or city.

Tip #4 – Get Free Packing & Moving Supplies

Don’t spend unnecessary money on moving supplies you can get for free.

If you are on a stringent budget, it is ideal to cut back on costs wherever possible. One of the simplest, most cost-effective means of doing so is to stock up on free packing supplies versus paying for them. Visit your local supermarket or stores which may have varied sizes of boxes handy for use without dishing out a penny. Keep in mind as well that smaller boxes make for good use with narrow hallways and for storing valuables.

Tip #5 – How To Hire A Moving Company

Hiring movers will save you a ton of stress and labor if you have the money.

Getting moving quotes or/and hiring a professional moving company could save a lot of time, work and hassle on your move. Depending on the distance that needs to be traveled as well as the amount of heavy furniture or bulky items you have to move, it is a very smart decision to hire the services of a professional company.

Feel free to shop around and don’t be afraid to get multiple free quotes from different movers and van lines to find the lowest rates for your situation. Also, search for reviews on the chosen company prior to selecting them and go over their insurance policies to make sure you have adequate coverage for all your property.

The worst thing you can do is just “pick” the cheapest moving company available for the job without doing your homework first. While most of the professional moving industry abides by federal and state laws, unfortunately, there are still a lot of companies out there that love to scam people out of their money. Always make sure the movers you choose are licensed in the states you are traveling, offer a “binding estimate”, and are well-reviewed and trusted.

Tip #6 – Ask Your Friends & Family For Help

Even if you do employ the services of a professional moving company, having friends available for the day of or the days leading up to the move is key.

Plan in advance how you can best utilize their help – whether it be from packing up a room, lifting heavy belongings and furniture, to unpacking and arranging furniture post unloading.

Typically, planning the move on a weekend day allows for friends to be off work and you can ensure more manpower. The best bet is to plan ahead of time so you can “lock them in” on a set moving date. Make sure to get a commitment from them so it won’t be easy to back out and turn off their phone come moving day.


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