Hygge Wallpaper Is Perfect For Your Home

Putting up wallpaper is a fun project at any time of the year. No matter the weather outdoors, it’s essential to create a cozy, welcoming environment with your interior design. It engenders an atmosphere of rest and rejuvenation.

Those are the core principles at the center of the hygge movement. If those values match yours, try using hygge influences for your interior design plans.

Modern vs. Hygge Comfort

“Modern” is often associated with sleek lines, shiny surfaces and color contrasts. Thanks to the hygge movement, modern is now beginning to mean something else — no more home interiors that look like a spacecraft.

Now the ideals associated with “modern” mean a refocusing on warmth and comfort, with all items in the home designed to bring joy, contentment, and well-being. That sounds good to us! The only question is, how does that translate to interior design decisions?

Below are three ways to use hygge to influence your wallpaper-hanging decisions.

Organic Textures

The natural world has a large piece of hygge. Organic materials offer a centering, calming effect. It can be as simple as placing potted plants around your home with care, or you could incorporate natural materials into your wallpaper design. For example, hanging a subtle botanical print could have a similar effect.

You can also use modern wallpaper products like woven materials or faux wood to create an organic, earthy environment.

Calm, Muted Colors

Steer clear of bright reds and fluorescent yellows, even if they’re coupled with neutral colors. Instead, find a calm, muted color palette. Use pillows or other smaller objects as accent pieces. And if you want a pattern, keep it simple. Some varieties of muted color wallpaper have the combination of texture and pattern to help make your interiors original.

Clean and Organized

Busy, excited wallpapers won’t help promote hygge in the home. One of the principles of this design movement is organized. Everything should have its own place. A wallpaper that makes you distracted? It’s not the best choice. Geometric shapes (albeit without the stark, bold lines) and smaller, more delicate patterns are your best bet.

Hygge Goes Deeper Than Design

Hygge isn’t just about looks. It’s about attitude. Of course, design influences the feeling of a room, but hygge can also be achieved through a mindset. How do you look at the world? Stay positive and stay grounded — that’s the essence of hygge.


Blog Source: Wallpaper Warehouse | June Wallpaper Trend: Hygge Wallpaper Is Home


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