Interior styling to ward off the winter blues

Winter is the advent of shorter days and dreary weather. Many nights are spent curled up on the couch with a good book (or Netflix) and tea (or hot chocolate). The first sign of a chilly morning also sets about a wardrobe rotation of coats and boots. Yet our living spaces are often neglected during this time.

With so much time spent indoors, now is the perfect time to refresh your interior with décor ripe for the seasonal change. Even if a complete overhaul is out of the question, a few well-placed furnishings can make all the difference to your humble abode.


Cozy texture

Like a woolly jumper or oversized coat, this season is all about creating a comfortable, relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Soft décor and accessories are your cold weather staples – as the layer. When it comes to cushions and throws, the more the merrier.

Throws will appeal to your visual senses by infusing a feeling of warmth and comfort. They also soften the cold lines of your furniture, making space appear even cozier. Drape a big knitted throw over the sofa with some fluffy cushions to instantly winter-proof your living room. Add the plush Nanda Wool Rug 150 x 240cm under your dining table to keep those feet warm at dinner. Or, refresh your bedroom with comfortable flannel sheets and cotton quilts – but be warned, you will not want to get out of bed in the morning!



Moody color

As summer shifts to winter, bright and airy hues make way for deeper and darker tones.

That does not mean hints of citrus or lavender should be buried under a monotony of grey and black. But with UltraViolet named Pantone’s color of the year, why not embrace the moodiness with a rich rendition of color?

Incorporate darker hues into your interior color scheme – think burgundy, plum or mustard. These rich shades breathe elegance and class and can be used as accents to add some serious style. Accessorize your bed linen with the Elementary Cushion in Ocean Blue to create a contrasting duo that reflects the seasonal changes.


Natural elements

In miserable weather, the ideal space is one furnished with wooden accents and finishes. Natural wood – especially the darker variety – exudes warmth and comfort all year round but can make your home feel especially cozy during the cooler seasons.

A bleached Scandi number cannot compete with the level of warmth a darker wood provides – add a dash of polished beauty with the dark oak Parc Coffee Table. You do not have to spend big either – a simple wooden tray to decorate your existing coffee table can help provide a winter ambiance. Finish it off with a touch of potted greenery – a creeping ivy can bring even the dreariest corners of your home to life. Don’t possess a green thumb? Opt for the fake variety or introduce some floral or forest-themed wall art – like The Eucalyptus Print.


Lush velvet

If there is any fabric perfect for sprucing up a winter interior, it is velvet. Luxurious and inviting, velvet adds an air of opulence to any space – from the bedroom to the living area. A few velvet furnishings here and there, and you will show winter who is boss. The key is to drizzle rather than drench: too much velvet can quickly turn opulence into over-the-top.

Velvet’s sleek texture and rich hues work wonderfully with linen cushions and sofas. Take winter dinner parties to the next level by pairing an elegant wooden table with the plush Petite Fleur Dining Chairs. If you are in the market for a new bedhead, why not opt for the Megan King Size Bed Head to instill a sense of indulgence into the bedroom?


Metallic accents

Okay, metallic accents can – and should – have a place in interiors all year round. But as can the rest of the elements on this list. After all, investing in furniture and décor should not simply be a response to a fleeting trend. The aim is to enjoy these furnishings for many winters to come.

Beautiful brass, copper or gold furniture pieces, mirrors, and accessories can help add a luxurious finish to any space. Transport your bedside table to the golden age by incorporating the Art Deco-inspired Alpha Table Lamp. The luxe metallic of the Bardot Side Table create the perfect finishing touches for an added level of sophistication in your bedroom. Metallic accents also work wonders at brightening up a moody winter palette with their reflective qualities. Win, win.


Blog Source: Brosa Blog | Interior styling to ward off the winter blues


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