Know These 6 Surprising Places You Can Stylishly Hang Wallpaper

Looking for a new place to hang wallpaper? If you can’t decide on just one pattern, you might want to buy a selection and try them out all around your home. But what if you’re running out of wall space.

Don’t fear! There are so many other creative places besides walls to hang wallpaper that will enhance your style and make your home’s interior design stand out.


1. Your Kitchen Island

The side of your kitchen island is blank and just waiting for you to decorate it with a statement print. You can match it with the wallpaper already hanging in the kitchen or pick a design within the same color scheme. Hint: Use vinyl wallpaper for easy wipe downs — your kitchen island is in the middle of all the traffic!

2. Inside a Pantry Cabinet

Your pantry can be charming, not boring. Hang wallpaper in your storage closet and create a sweet little alcove that’s pleasant to visit in the middle of a baking session.

3. The Sides of Dresser Drawers

Make old dressers new again — hang wallpaper on the sides of each drawer. When you try to find your socks, you’ll see an appealing pattern that immediately puts you in a good mood, even if the laundry’s not done.

4. Your Walk-In Closet

Kita Sapphire Song Garden
Even the most mundane spaces can become enchanting with wallpaper, including your walk-in closet. You’ll feel like you stepped into your own wonderland when it’s time to get dressed if you reserve your favorite print for this space.

5. The Refrigerator

Did you know you could hang wallpaper on a refrigerator? It’s true. Cover up outdated appliance surfaces with a peel-and-stick print that sets your kitchen apart.

6. Your Headboard

Make your wood headboard unique — hang that dramatic print that wouldn’t work for the entire bedroom wall on a smaller area. You’ll still get the vivid effects, but only a minor dose — one that works for your bedroom.

Wallpaper Warehouse wants you to hang wallpaper in these uncommon places because it brightens up your day and makes your home design shine! That’s why we carry a vast selection of colorful, fun prints — so many that it’s difficult to choose. Now you don’t have to, not with our affordable pricing and free shipping on all domestic orders. Check out our online store today!


Blog Source: Wallpaper Warehouse | 6 Surprising Places You Can Stylishly Hang Wallpaper


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