Know How You Can Use Bohemian Wallpaper for Designing Your Home

Bohemian wallpaper suggests a lively, free-flowing atmosphere. Do you fancy yourself a hippie in another life (or in this one)? Are you an artist?

It’s natural to want to surround yourself with images, colors, and textures that make you happy, and for many, that’s exactly what Bohemian wallpaper can provide.


What Is Bohemian Style?

Bohemian style is difficult to pinpoint because it is unconventional. To capture it, view your home as a blank canvas for color and design, then freely express yourself. This will put you on your way to your own Bohemian trademark style.

You don’t have to stick to one color scheme or one era — you can mix bright and muted, old and new with reckless abandon. It’s somewhat liberating to decorate in a Bohemian theme.

Throw out your notions of minimalism. Bohemian style is all about filling up your space with objects and designs that awaken the senses and the mind. Every open plane or surface is a space you can fill with a new item, color or texture.

Bohemian style may be viewed as chaotic by people who like structure and order, but for the vibrant individual, a busy, dramatic, overflowing theme is in line with their way of life. It’s a natural outpouring of what’s inside.

Why Wallpaper Shopping Is Fun for the Bohemian

If Bohemian style is the interior design theme you can’t help but love, then you’ll also love shopping for Bohemian wallpaper. If you’re drawn to vivid colors and avant-garde patterns, what better surface to cloak in these elements than your walls?

Your blank, one-dimensional walls can be the canvas through which you express your personality. Let loose!

Thinking Outside the Box Creates Beauty

So many people adhere to décor norms when it comes to their space. Choose one wallpaper pattern for the whole room — that’s one of the unspoken rules. Do you have to though? Marisol Grasscloth Mural

Bohemian style is all about upending tradition, and that’s what you can do, starting with your wallpaper design. Paper your walls different patterns and colors — don’t stick to just one theme!

Embracing Rich Colors and Endless Patterns

Burnt orange. Deep aqua. Magenta. Don’t shy away from extreme colors — they’re at the heart and soul of Bohemian style. More importantly, don’t worry about patterns clashing. In fact, the more clash the better!

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