Know The Journey Of Art And Spirituality

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People are spiritual by nature; we search for reasons and purpose and meaning. There are mysteries we don’t understand and a whole universe we need to explore. Deep down, the drive to be better either compels or convicts us.

People are also creative by nature; the urge to make something new – to give birth – excites us. We secretly long to be inspired and to imagine what could be and long to give it voice.

But the spiritual search is easily overshadowed by the desire for daily comfort or security. And creativity can be lulled to sleep under the blanket of busyness and media noise. When either the spiritual or creative side is sublimated and ignored, we are diminished. The articulation of our feelings and communication of our beliefs often requires a different expression. Art.

But art is creative and needs time and space and risk. To be quiet and wait can be frightening; to face a blank piece of paper or canvas can be terrifying, but the possibility of a poem or painting or concerto or dance that represents meaning or injustice or peace is exquisite. Art can free the feelings and beliefs that are stuck inside. And the best news is that the process of creating art is the key. The product or end result might be spectacular and fetch a high price, or it might be mediocre and ignored by the world. It doesn’t matter because the act of doing and creating is what’s freeing! This is great news for everyone who thinks they’re not an artist.

Art also allows space to breathe and to focus on levels we don’t usually acknowledge. For me painting is what coaxes me to recognize my hesitation to grow, to formulate what are my passions and motivations, to celebrate my dependence and love of God, and to share these with the world. Art lets me create beauty and rejoice in who I am.

Art gives voice to spirituality and spirituality inspires art. It’s the process, the journey, that is magical. Where are you on this journey?


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