Know The July Wallpaper Trend

Wallpaper shopping is even more fun when you tie it into a room redesign. And for many people, summer is the time to take a long, hard look at your interiors and start working on the to-do list that gets longer every day.

This month, consider an industrial look for your living room, dining area or bedroom. It’s reminiscent of old factories, warehouses and the raw textiles that comprise those environments. While plenty of trends come and go, the industrial look is lasting, given its foundational elements that are widely attractive to those of many style and taste preferences.

Accents and Furniture: Metal, Leather, Wood

The top way to start creating an industrial-looking environment doesn’t start with wallpaper — it starts with the furniture you select and the corresponding accents.

When you’re looking for furniture, the first step is to consider the size of the space. Industrial furniture can often be bulky, so look for sleeker options if your space is smaller and find one central piece you can build around, whether that’s a reclaimed wood coffee table or abroad, black leather couch.

When you pair accents with the furniture, augment your selections with either metal, leather or wood pieces. Every quality industrial design usually has all three!

Design: Think Retro and Clean Lines

When you’re choosing throw pillows or carpets, always go for retro styles. Make sure they all have clean lines — no curves or bright colors (more on color next). Think angles and contrast. That’s the best pattern choice to fit in with a larger industrial style.

How Wallpaper Helps: Color and Texture

Wallpaper should be one of the last items you choose when putting together a whole-room industrial design. When choosing wallpaper, go for the right colors first. Industrial colors are tan, brown, black, gray — all muted tones. But just because you don’t want bright green doesn’t mean your interiors have to be boring. You can find gorgeous cream and rich brown designs that enhance the design.

The texture is another area where wallpaper can help. It might not be feasible to build out a stone, concrete, wood or brick wall, but you can find a wallpaper that creates the same effect. It’s cheaper and it’s easy to do!

Expand Your Space

Maybe you don’t live in a typical “industrial” type of space. You don’t have exposed wood beams and the ceilings aren’t an astronomical height. That’s OK — you can work with the square footage you have by using wallpaper, accents, furniture, and textiles to create the look you love. Expand your horizons at Wallpaper Warehouse — we make it easy with free shipping and a wide range of industrial wallpaper styles to get you started.


Blog Source Wallpaper House | July Wallpaper Trend: The Industrial Look


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