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What’s the best way to spend your time in Madrid and Barcelona? Why, gambling, of course! These two Spanish cities are famous for their casinos – and for good reason. They’re both home to some of the biggest and most luxurious casinos in Europe. But if you’re looking to try your luck and score a million euro payday, you’ll want to head to El Gordo. This lottery is the biggest in the world, with a jackpot that regularly reaches more than €200 million. So if you’re feeling lucky, put down your tapas and wine and buy a ticket! You might just become a millionaire.

If you are lucky enough to win, be prepared for a lot of attention! This is because the El Gordo Lottery is known for its large payouts. In fact, it is often referred to as the “king of lotteries”. So if you are looking for a chance to become a millionaire, the El Gordo Lottery should definitely be on your list!

El Gordo is the biggest and most popular lottery in Spain. It’s drawn twice a year, and tickets are sold all over the country. If you’re lucky enough to win, you could become a millionaire overnight! While gambling is illegal in Barcelona, many people take advantage of Madrid’s casinos and bet on El Gordo. Whether you’re in it for the excitement or the chance to win big, there’s no denying that this lottery is a lot of fun. So if you’re feeling lucky, be sure to buy a ticket before the next drawing!


When it comes to the El Gordo Lottery, you have a chance of winning an expensive prize – but only if your ticket is lucky. Tickets cost €200 and come with 5 numbers printed on them (like in many other countries). However, unlike those places where they’re sold at low prices for 10 décimos each or less than that per piece; here we sell our tickets by tenths which means this one-quarter century-old Spanish tradition still holds true: The more pieces bought before midday Sunday morning means higher chances at getting rich!

The 2020 El Gordo Lottery is now in progress, with the anticipation of a €4M prize. It does not just ticket for this draw; restaurants and offices across Spain are also selling them as well! If you’re looking to quit your job or get rich quickly – don’t buy any dud tickets this year, like last.

The Lottery’s popularity is waning in the United States, but remember – it’s a cultural staple here! Buying El Gordo tickets can be done at any tobacco shop or authorized lottery retailer across the country. The odds of winning are about one-in-31 million, so don’t spend your life savings on them just yet… good luck!

Do you enjoy gambling for fun but dislike going to casinos due to the smoke and crowds? Let me tell you about the El Gordo Lottery [or Spanish National Lottery]. Elécimos (or billetes) because Hacienda will hold onto 20%.

The History of El Gordo: How Did This Lottery Start?

During the Spanish Civil War, Republican soldiers used to play a lot of lottery games during their free time. In fact, they had so much fun that when the war ended and people started returning home, some former soldiers decided to keep playing lotteries.

In 2012, the Spanish Christmas Lottery celebrated its 300th anniversary. It was introduced during the reign of Charles III in 1778 and has been played ever since.

El Gordo, which means fat in English, is a Spanish word for an old favorite game of chance that has been played since ages ago. The main aim of this lottery’s namesake was to find out who would be chosen as the “fat man” at some point during its history by putting his hand on top and removing it until only one person remains without being touched or hurt from playing too much!

How to play the El Gordo lottery

When you play the El Gordo lottery, it’s important to know how drawings are conducted and your chances of winning. There are multiple ways that one can win in this game—from getting an official draw slip with all six numbers written down on it or having someone else select four out five balls before giving them another go at picking just one number herself; even though each method has different probability rates depending upon various factors such as whether there was any confusion about which ball should have gone into what slot during assembly time (this happened once!), if anyone quit halfway through because he felt bad enough about losing money already then don’t bother continuing but let me tell ya: those people aren’t going to.

The first step to playing the El Gordo lottery is going to your nearest store or gas station. Then, you’ll want to purchase a ticket at least 7 days before Christmas Eve. Once you do this, it’s best if you hide it in!

In order to win the El Gordo lottery, you have to purchase a ticket. Tickets are $2 each and can be purchased at any of your local stores.

The El Gordo lottery is played in Spain on December 22, which makes it perfect for last-minute shopping. You can play at any grocery store or newsstand in Spain using the coupons that you find on billboards, magazines, and newspapers.

How To Win El Gordo

One of the most important things when looking to win El Gordo is getting tickets with high numbers. Lotteries that use small balls or capsules are less likely to produce winning numbers, so it’s best to avoid them.

To win El Gordo, you need to buy a ticket. You can find them at any store in Spain during the holidays!

Want to win the big game? Try these tips from a seasoned winner.

1) Get into position early and stay there, constantly monitoring your surroundings for opportunities that could help you catch up with timely decisions or actions in order not only maximize potential gains but also protect yourself against possible loss,

2) If something doesn’t feel right then take caution because it probably isn’t – no matter how good things seem

3) The most important thing about playing poker knows when enough’s enough,

4) It may sound clichéd but always believe

5) There are three types of people who play cards: those who study their strategy; remember every card dealt over time

While gambling is technically illegal in Barcelona, that doesn’t stop people from trying their luck at El Gordo.

This lottery is drawn twice a year and tickets are sold all over the country. If you’re lucky enough to win, you could become a millionaire overnight! So if you’re feeling lucky, be sure to buy your ticket before the next drawing on December 22nd. Good luck!

The El Gordo lottery is one of the most popular in Spain, and tickets are sold all over the country. If you’re lucky enough to win, you could become a millionaire overnight!

Have you ever played the lottery? What would you do if you won?

Visit for more information on how to play the El Gordo lottery, and get your ticket today!

You might be the next millionaire in Spain!


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