Know If Paste-the-Wall Wallpaper Easy to Hang?

Paste-the-wall wallpaper is designed to make your life easier. If you’ve thought about hanging wallpaper in your home but feel intimidated because of all the horror stories from your friends and family, rest assured: This is the method you want to use.

Paste-the-wall wallpaper works just the way it sounds — you apply the paste to the wall, not the paper, then hang the sheets.


It’s Also Called “Dry Hanging”

Because the paste doesn’t go on the paper, this method is also called dry hanging. The product is designed with a backing that doesn’t expand when wet, making it possible to simply stick it to the wall, versus needing to soak in water or apply paste before hanging like traditional products.

It Reduces Mess and Makes Cleanup a Cinch

You’ll love dry hanging because you’re less likely to drip paste all over the floor. When the project is done, you have much less of a mess to deal with. You don’t even need a pasting table. You will save time and frustration.

It’s Easier to Hang Around Obstacles

It’s much easier to make cutouts in this type of wallpaper because you don’t have a sticky, pasted backing to deal with. Adhesive and paste aren’t there to mess up your cuts, so you can make clean incisions that result in a precise finished product.

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It’s Less Stressful

With traditional hanging, a certain amount of pressure is involved. When you paste the backing, you have to wait the precise amount of time recommended before hanging it. Too early, and the wallpaper won’t be soaked enough to adhere; too late and the paste will have dried out.

With dry hanging, you don’t have this level of stress. You’re pasting the wall, then hanging dry sheets of paper. Worst-case scenario: you take too long to hang the paper and the paste dries. In that case, just add more paste to the wall! It’s an easy solution.

Follow Manufacturer Instructions

To ensure you don’t run into trouble while hanging wallpaper, make sure you always follow the product manufacturer’s suggestions for installation practices. As a general rule of thumb, if the instructions say to apply the paste to your walls, you can either do this or apply it to the paper.

If the instructions say to paste the paper, don’t assume you can cut corners and simply put the paste on your wall and it’ll turn out fine! Not all wallpaper products are created equally, and if it says you need to paste the paper, it probably means the paper needs to soak up the paste first before it can stick to the wall permanently.

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