Know What are the Pros and Cons of using a Striped Wallpaper

When striped wallpaper catches your eye, you can’t help but want it in your home! You’re not alone. It’s all the rage right now, and there are so many reasons to take the plunge and make your walls striped! But as with any design feature, you must consider some issues before you invest time and money into making the change.

What are the pros and cons of striped wallpaper?

Pro: It’s Unique

Striped wallpaper makes walls stand out. You probably don’t see it that often. That’s because it’s a bold statement that not everyone can commit to. If you opt for striped wallpaper, you’ll wow your guests!


Pro: It’s Modern

Clean lines and sharp angles are in, and striped wallpaper delivers! If you’re going for a modern, trendy look, then look no further. Both vertical and horizontal stripes offer the edge you’re looking for.

Pro: It’s Versatile

Given the wide variety of options in terms of color, direction and stripe width, you can incorporate stripes anywhere, for a range of purposes. Use thin, vertical stripes on a wall where you’d like to draw the eye upward. Go neutral or go bold — stripes can be added to nearly any design theme!

Pro: Incorporate Multiple Colors

Some patterns have many colors. Find a pattern with three or more tones, and you have the freedom to build off a large color palette. This is a great asset and an ideal building block when designing a room from scratch.

Pro: It Can Expand the Room

Horizontal stripes make a room look much wider than it is, and vertical stripes make your ceilings look much higher than they are. You can get a transformation without having to initiate a major construction project!

Con: Choosing the Wrong Stripe Width Can Work Against You

Now for one of the few cons of striped wallpaper — the pitfalls of the planning process. It’s important to choose the right width of stripe based on the size of your space. If you choose a vertical pattern with thousands of skinny stripes, it will probably be too much for a large expanse of the wall surface. It might even make you dizzy!

On the other hand, gigantic horizontal stripes won’t do much in a small room. It won’t look wider; it will just take over space. It’s important to think through all design decisions carefully beforehand.

Con: You Have to Be Absolutely Precise When Hanging!

With a non-stripe pattern, it’s unlikely anyone will notice if it’s a little crooked. With stripes, hanging mistakes aren’t so easily forgiven. Take extra care to hang it precisely!

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One way to decidedly make up your mind on whether striped wallpaper is right for you is to check out our online inventory. If you see a style that immediately speaks to you, maybe you won’t have to keep weighing pros and cons — you’ll be ready to purchase!

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