Learn The 4 Tips For Adding Wallpaper Around Windows

Adding wallpaper around windows is tricky. With tight corners and uneven ledges, getting that perfect fit seems nearly impossible.

However, don’t let the extra work scare you. Installing wallpaper to walls with windows can be a beautiful way to lighten up a room.

Luckily, our four tips help take away some of the struggles that come with wallpapering tricky rooms.

Paint The Edges

Ideally, when you’re adding wallpaper there won’t be any spaces left uncovered. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen.

That’s why before you even start measuring and cutting, you should prepare your walls.

One way to prepare your walls is by painting them the same color as the wallpaper. This ensures that if you cut a corner too tight, it won’t stick out like a sore thumb.

You can either choose to paint your entire wall that color, or just around the edges.

However, if the wallpaper you chose is a light color and the pre-existing paint on the wall is dark, we recommend painting the entire wall. Sometimes bright, bold colors show through on light wallpaper patterns.

Add a Wall Sealer

Another important way to prep your wall is to use wall sealer, also known as paint sealer. This final layer has an important job in both making the paint look good and assisting the installation of the wallpaper.

When sealers are used over a porous surface, the exterior becomes nonporous. This makes it easier to remove and redo sticky layers, such as wallpaper.

With a sealer, if you mess up, it’s easy to peel off the wallpaper and reapply it. Without it, you might rip or tear the wallpaper when trying to reposition it.

Leave Extra Wallpaper At the End

Measuring is the first step before any wallpaper installation. When wallpapering around your windows it’s especially important to measure out a few extra inches.

Otherwise, you might end up a little too short on the edges, and there is little you can do to repair that.

Make Small Cuts At a Time

The most difficult part of adding wallpaper with windows is the corners. Cutting a diagonal line in the extra wallpaper helps the sides lay flat.

From there, take your time cutting off the extra pieces. Remember, you can always cut more, but cutting too much wallpaper off is hard to fix. We also recommend using a ruler and a razor to make your cuts straight and even.

More Tips For Adding Wallpaper Around Windows

Wallpapering takes time but when it’s done well it can transform a home. Give your house a new look with stunning designs and colors.

Here at Wallpaper Warehouse, we have thousands of different patterns fit for any home. Contact us to learn more about our unique looks and tips for adding wallpaper around windows.


Blog Source: Wallpaper House | 4 Tips For Adding Wallpaper Around Windows


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