Learn the 4 types of mobile applications you can build with React Native

React Native framework surly resolves many issues related to mobile development if used wisely.

All business owners who need a mobile app to further their reach to customers face this dilemma. They can either opt for native iOS, Android, and Windows development or go for a cross-platform mobile app. Prior to the advent of React Native mobile development, the latter choice meant slower, feature-scarce, and subpar UI mobile apps. Not anymore. With a React Native application, businesses can choose a third alternative that helps them deliver an exceptional user experience to their customers cost-effectively.

Ever since Facebook released an isomorphic JavaScript library in 2013 called Enter React, the world of web and mobile app development has been steadily changing. Know more about React Native framework that is changing the mobile app development trends around us.

The ‘learn once, write anywhere’ paradigm associated with React Native mobile development allows developers to cut down time and efforts and yield high-performance apps for the web, iOS, Android, Windows, and VR devices. Some of the best mobile apps from tech giants that have been developed using React Native are-,

  • Facebook Ads Manager
  • Bloomberg
  • Airbnb
  • Gyroscope
  • Myntra
  • UberEats
  • Discord
  • Instagram
  • DiscoveryVR
  • Townske

These instances elucidate that React Native is a reliable choice of platform for small businesses as well as large enterprises. Here are the four prominent kinds of applications businesses can build with React Native-

66.7% of developers use JavaScript, count increasing exponentially.

# Rapid clickable prototypes – Prototypes bring developers and business teams closer to the expected functionalities of the final product like nothing else does. Prototypes infuse life to the user experience of an app when mockups can only show the texture and feel. The CTA on your mobile app looks good, but with clickable prototypes built using React Native, you can see if it works with the users, too.

# Streamlined UI apps – With React Native, the native code runs on the main thread while the business logic does on a separate Javascript thread. As long as these threads have little to talk about, there are minimal performance issues. But, they grow when there is a lot of bridging needed between these two threads. Then, it calls for extensive optimization of the app. But, if the app is a simple streamlined UI, you better build with React Native, just as Bloomberg did; the result is an app featuring videos, live TV, stories, and a personalized feed.

# Basic cross-platform apps – If your audience is split into two equal halves between iOS and Android users and your app idea is not very complex with multithreading and audio/video processing, React Native application is just what you need. Townske had only one developer and thus decided to go for React Native app development, reusing code from their web app.

# Apps that rarely need native APIs – Apps that rely on native APIs a lot need access to the camera, GPS, etc., and won’t be the best things to build with React Native. But, if your app doesn’t need native APIs a lot, React Native may be your ideal choice.

React Native mobile apps are as good as their native counterparts. For anything simple and hassle-free, React Native is your ideal solution. Vinfotech is a great combination of right-brain & left- brain capabilities. While our designers create award-winning user interfaces; our engineering team, armed with its ever-expanding portfolio of technical abilities, develops innovative applications for them. Together when the designers and engineers work you can be sure that it will result in pure magic. If you are still unsure about using React Native for your project, contact us.



Blog Source: Vinfotech | React Native allows you to build these 4 types of mobile applications.




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