Learn Different Types of Wallpaper and How to Use Them

The types of wallpaper available today can be confusing and even overwhelming. Maybe you didn’t know wallpaper could be made of vinyl, grass cloth, and fabric! Maybe you thought it was just … paper.

Paper may have been the main ingredient in the wallpaper products of decades ago, but today the selection isn’t as simple. Each product has key features that work with different interior designs, and hanging methods can vary as well.

Vinyl Wallpaper

The vast majority of wallpaper is now made of vinyl. It’s one of the most popular options due to its durability — it’s splash-proof, so you don’t get any errant water stains. It’s also scuff-proof and strong, unlike old versions of standard wallpaper that ripped easily.

Vinyl products also come in different varieties, such as solid vinyl, fabric-backed vinyl, paper-backed vinyl and vinyl-coated.

Solid vinyl is often pre-pasted, making it one of the easiest to apply. Paper-backed vinyl requires a little more care. Fabric-backed vinyl is the top choice for high-traffic areas and is often used in commercial settings. Coated vinyl is usually the easiest to remove.

Embossed or Textured Wallpaper

Embossed, textured wallpapers may be made of woven grass or honeysuckle vine fibers. They could be coated with a satiny sheen to give a reflective, glossy appearance. Metallic wallpapers are fashionable too, with aluminum or other types of metals added to the paper’s surface.

Typically, intricate wallpaper types like these require a specialized application process. You will need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when hanging, and be conscious of the fact that this wallpaper will become the focal point of the room! It’s eye-catching — a dominant design choice and perfect for when you’re ready to venture outside the norm.

Fabric Wallpaper

fabric-wallpaperFabric wallpaper is another option that’s growing in popularity, though it’s better known in the industry as flocked wallpaper. It’s made by coating an adhesive surface with bits of wool, nylon or polyester. It comes in both hard and soft textures. Since you can’t clean it, it’s best not to install it in high-traffic areas. Save it for the bedroom or for more formal living areas.

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