How Lighting and Wallpaper Work Together in Interior Design

Lighting and wallpaper go hand in hand. As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t choose one without considering the other. They can work in tandem to create a look you love, or they could work against each other and wreak havoc with your overall interior design.

What do you need to know about lighting and wallpaper before you start shopping?


They Both Can Add Warmth

One of the major strengths of both of these design features is that they can create a warm, welcoming environment — a place you love to call home.

Wallpaper adds warmth with color, but also through texture. You can find wallpapers made of fabrics that soften a room. You can also find prints that bring warmth, such as a faux-wood look.

Lighting works its magic as well. By pairing a warm wallpaper with fixtures designed to cast ambient light, you can create the comforting atmosphere you envision.

They Both Can Modernize

Sleek. Clean lines. Sharp angles. If a modern look is what you want, lighting and wallpaper can deliver.

You may not normally associate modern with wallpaper, and you wouldn’t be alone. It’s sometimes thought of as a traditional, if not outdated design option, but browse the selections on our site and prepare to be surprised. From geometric outlines to glossy metallic designs, modern wallpaper can be a fabulous design choice.

Pair it with a light fixture for a renovation that will wow your guests. Chrome finishes and industrial bulbs can add to your modern look.


They Both Can Add Detail

Intricate designs are beautiful on wallpaper prints and light fixtures. If you’re going for a detailed style, pair a bountiful floral wallpaper design with an engraved, traditional light fixture. From period designs to your own unique trademark, both lighting and wallpaper can help you achieve a more traditional look.

They Both Can Add Elegance

Subtle touches are what creates the elegant vibe you love. Not all wallpaper has to be bold and bright — you can find muted tones that offer just a touch of a design spark.

It’s the same with light fixtures. You don’t need a glass chandelier that takes up all the room’s space to stand out. You can achieve elegance with an understated fixture that conveys just the right touch of class.

They Can Enhance Each Other

No matter what look you aim for, remember to match your lighting and wallpaper design choices to achieve the best effect. If you have more wallpaper design questions, we are happy to help! Contact Wallpaper Warehouse today for more tips and tricks as you embark on your interior design project.


Blog Source: Wallpaper Warehouse | How Lighting and Wallpaper Work Together in Interior Design 


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