How Long Does A Concrete Roof Tile Last?

The latest trend in roofing is Lifetime Tile Roofs and the experts at Right Way Roofing, Inc. are the finest providers of this new and exciting service in the Phoenix area.

The new roof tiles are made from materials such as steel, concrete and even clay; a substance used for over a thousand years that still adorns the roofs of many classic buildings throughout western Europe. Concrete and clay are especially durable and perform admirably in all climates and weather conditions. Extremely attractive, some even have a wood-like finish; they can add financial value to your house and certainly contribute stylishly to the overall makeup of the property. Concrete tile roofs often last 50 years or more. Clay tile or slate tile roofs are two of the best roofing systems and can last up to 100 to 150 years or so, especially when combined with quality underlayment.

How Much Life Remains In My Old Tile Roof?

If you have roof tiles that have not been replaced in more than a quarter of a century, they need to be evaluated by a qualified professional. Right Way Roofing, Inc has a well-deserved reputation for their quality in this area. They can establish the remaining life in the current roof and work with you to make a new roof plan. Generally, you will have to reset new flashings and install a good quality underlayment if you are using the old tile. If the previous style is no longer available, then it is an ideal time to consider new tiling. You will at least want to make plans for a full roof replacement within 5 years.

How Long Does Concrete Tile Underlayment Last?

You probably know how important it is to lay underlay on the floor before you install a carpet. It adds a level of protection to the carpet, adds comfort and makes the carpet warmer to walk on. Underlayment is also a vital part of the roofing process. The pro’s at Right Way Roofing, Inc. are specialists who can help you choose the correct underlayment for your brand-new roof!  The underlayment helps to prevent water intrusion and protects the roofing deck under extreme conditions. There are various kinds available:

  1. Asphalt-saturated felt was the long-time industry standard and is also known as felt paper.
  2. Synthetic underlayment is the most utilized choice of underlayment by builders today offering better tear resistance, additional stability and a degree of water resistance.
  3. Rubberized asphalt is the most expensive but as it contains greater amounts of asphalt and various rubber polymers it has the advantage of being waterproof.

Roofing underlayment is an extra layer of protection for your home. It does a lot more than shingles alone to protect your house in all kinds of climates and to withstand many kinds of weather events. Depending on weather and climate conditions, a good quality underlayment can last 25 years or more but it should always be regularly inspected to ensure it is doing the job properly.

How Long Does Other Types Of Roofing Tile Material Last?

Whether you choose, clay, concrete or slate roofing tiles here are a few things to consider:

  • Clay tiling has the advantage of being more durable and long-lasting than concrete and because it wears so well it can add much to the resale value of a home and may well last 100 years or more.
  • Concrete tiling tends to be around 50% less and has a lifespan of approximately fifty years although despite having a similar appearance to clay. Click here to read more about concrete versus clay tile.
  • Slate tiling is by far the most expensive but depending on the climate can last 75-200 years.

Click here to read how long other types of roofing systems last.

Tile Roofing Done Right By Right Way Roofing

Right Way Roofing, Inc. has been the #1 provider people turn to in the Phoenix area for over fifty years. A family-owned business, they can help you with your roofing needs for your home and business. As long-time members of the Arizona Roofing Contractors, you can have confidence we will build or replace a roof you can be proud of as we offer some of the greatest labor and material warranties in the roofing industry. Call today to schedule an appointment! East Valley: 480-232-5458 or West Valley: 502-299-8851.

At Right Way Roofing, Inc we use an extremely strong underlayment to ensure your roof lasts longer than typical tile roofs. Most roofing companies use a cheap underlayment that will wear out in under 20 years. Our roofing underlayment will last much longer due to the high-quality underlayment. Get a free tile roofing installation quote in your life in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. We also service MesaGilbertChandlerGlendale and more.


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