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Living Room

Searching for a solution for your lifeless, boring office space? Maybe you recently relocated or started a new business and you’re starting from scratch with empty walls, a naked floor, and a cubicle-less office. Wallpaper could be exactly what your space needs. Add some texture to your office or even cubicle walls with a fun, unique pattern, a bright color, or show off your personality in your wallpaper choice. The key is to be creative. After all, that is what wallpaper is for, right? Create your ultimate, standout office space radiating with color, texture, and personal uniqueness. Show off your company’s brand and personality and demonstrate the tone of your entire office space in a creative and fun way. It’s time to let your brand express itself.


Commercial wallpaper tends to be more subtle with neutral colors and few patterns. It replaces the need to paint your entire office and adds more texture than a solid paint color would offer. If your office has plenty of accent design materials, pops of color, and eye-catching decorations, commercial wallpaper might be the best choice for your office to avoid making your space seem too busy.



Border wallpaper is self-explanatory, it borders your walls; providing a bit of texture and life to your painted walls. I would suggest using a border if your walls are painted a neutral color such as white, beige, gray, etc. You are also not limited to only the border of your office walls with this solution. Place your strip of wallpaper at eye-level, wrapping around your office space making it more noticeable and capturing attention.


Mural wallpaper replaces pictures that you might hang on a specific wall. Murals have heaps of texture and are sure to stand out in your space. Be aware of the size of your space and the pattern of your mural so you don’t go overboard with patterns. That can make your space seem crowded and smaller. However, adding a mural to your wall will add a uniqueness to your space and will definitely be noticed.


Decals are great for personal or private offices cubicles. Give your space a personal touch with a decal of your favorite movie character or just a fun picture that emphasizes your personality and individuality.

Peel & Stick

Peel and stick wallpaper is great because it’s extremely easy to apply. Hence, the name “peel and stick.” Get creative with this wallpaper with a reclaimed wood pattern, shiplap, brick, or script pattern wallpaper. Again, limit these standout patterns to just a small accent wall to avoid a busy, cluttered feeling in your office space or room.


Take advantage of an empty, dull wall in your office space. This is your opportunity to bring the room to life. When you’re decorating with wallpaper, consider the room and even specific wall that you’re covering. For example, using wallpaper for an accent wall behind the reception desk immediately draws your eye to that area, which, conveniently, is exactly where you’ll want guests to look and go when they walk into the reception area. Express your personality and individuality when decorating your private office or cubicle with fun, bright patterns and colors or decals. Most importantly, be creative and represent your brand with your wallpaper choices throughout your office.


Blog Source: Wallpaper Warehouse | Sprucing Up Your Office with Wallpaper



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