Pallet Stackers and high lifters provide simplistic and efficient manual lifting and handling solution for palletized goods and heavy loads up to 2500kg (2.5t) whilst lifting up to 2850mm in height ensures even the highest heights are reached. Unloading of delivery vehicles is made easy and placing those goods on benches, conveyors, shelving or racking is even easier.

Choosing between a winch stacker and hydraulic stacker we believe is more of a personal preference. Winches lift faster and generally command less maintenance whilst hydraulic systems use more space, are less efficient and more expensive but lower extremely faster which can significantly increase productivity in many applications. Our LES range of Stacker Trucks are all delivered fully assembled due to their industrial welded construction and are powder coated for a professional finish and added corrosion resistance.

Mini Stackers offer a lightweight lifting solution up to 150kg, can be specified with forks of a platform and are ideal for a multitude of tasks such as loading and unloading heavy stock from shelving, vehicles and work positioning. Often used in domestic and garage type applications and utilized as a companion most could never do without again! Even if you’re just taking another heavy delivery for your neighbor- these mini stackers are ideal.


Winch Stackers are more versatile and offer a lifting capacity up to 1000kg, a height up to 1560mm with fully adjustable fork width up to 690mm, precision lifting is achieved via an industrial winch with brake and steel wire rope cable. Transportation is performed manually by pushing and pulling the unit in the desired direction, traveling should always be performed at the lowest possible height. A safety cage protects the user from being able to touch the lifting mechanism or load and is a notable safety feature.


Hydraulic Stackers make for a ‘super high lift’ pallet truck with a height up to 2500mm, a weight capacity of up to 2000kg and a fixed non-negotiable outside fork width of 540mm. The PA Hydraulic Pallet Stacker is a superbly efficient alternative to a forklift truck, electric stacker or similar and is perfectly suited to warehouses and industrial environments thanks to the robust welded steel construction, expertly machined hydraulic ram and well-engineered lifting system. Travel of the unit is performed manually in the same way as a winch stacker described above.





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