Mobile Gaming: Packed with Absolute Essentials

A lot of debates still go on between the adverse effects of mobile gaming and its pluses. Some moms are becoming too strict with their children. They believed that mobile gaming will never benefit in any way. Mothers get a scare that their children’s studies get left behind under the shadow of Mobile games.

Folks have been accustomed to the visual perception that Mobile Gaming is always and will always be crappy. Since it can be a ground for obsession. With obsession, unfavorable impacts are being connected. These convince the Anti-mobile gaming people to counteract and say that mobile games turn kids hyper, violent, stupid and anti-social. Any parent who would be hearing that could immediately decide to shut off games on their kids’ phones.

On the other way round, Mobile Gaming has been proven to be providing players an edge compared to the non-gamers. In fact, various studies have attested to its accuracy. The generation of gamers must be very glad of this.

Cognitive Entailment of Gaming

The American Psychological Association has recently published an article entitled; “The Benefits of Playing Video Games”. The authors have identified four types of positive implications. Kids would likely develop their: cognitive, motivational, emotional and social. Sounds like gaming cannot be doomed by parents nowadays. It’s been stuffed with indispensables just right for growing kids.

Mobile gaming also brings cognitive improvement because it’s proven to improve attention, focus, and reaction time. Rather than entity theory of intelligence, games promote an incremental which is considered a motivational impact. Just imagine, if they can do this on games, then they can become more intelligent at school!


Mobile Gaming Raises Positivity

In a survey done in Ireland by Kenny and Forde, multi-players online and mobile games are more likely to possess a positive attitude in making friends with people. This would then alleviate bullying and build camaraderie among diverse races. Developed openness through gaming is such an undeniable effect of gaming.

Parents may describe their children out of this world but hidden in the activity of gaming is this likelihood of optimism to kids. Without the knowing of their guardians, mobile games often become a tool for a communication process to happen to every gamer around the world.


Nimbleness behind Gaming

 A study published in nature shows that having to play ‘’fast-paced’’ and “action based” games improve one’s attention processing.

It has greatly something to do with fast pace which demands quick reflexes. Why can this be considered good? Of course, it can be applied to most of the gamers’ activity. They can apply the quickness at school or at home while doing chores.


Games aren’t Vegetables

 Although mobile gaming was studied and proven to have a lot of benefits, Parent’s cannot spoon feed their kids with too many games like it’s all that they need. Mobiles games aren’t packed with various nutrients and vitamins in them. It won’t turn your child healthy until he becomes an adult.

Not all kind of games is healthy and beneficial to its players. Parents should also take consideration in guiding their children on mobile games’ classifications. We cannot deny the fact that even though there are a lot of beneficial games, there is also the presence of destructive games.

Once they have incessantly been engaging to games not suited for their age, they would possibly follow the violence imposed in the mobile games’ systems. Parents should still watch out what their kids are into. Right guidance matters as mobile gaming could destroy or mold a young kid’s character.




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