How Does A Paint Wallpaper Work?


Paintable wallpaper is a modern marvel. It’s not like ordinary wallpaper — it’s much thicker, and it usually has raised texture that adds depth to any room. You can use it anywhere. Hang it in your hallway, bedroom, bathroom — even on your ceilings! Paintable wallpaper offers flexibility and convenience, two features not commonly associated with wallpaper.


It Solves Many Design Problems

One of the main reasons you might think you can’t hang wallpaper in your home is because of the state of your walls. Plaster cracks and chips mean you have a huge project ahead of you before you’re able to successfully remove imperfections and have a smooth surface to work with.

Paintable wallpaper solves this problem. It’s so thick that it fully covers all the surface flaws that have kept you from using a wall covering. Also, since you can paint it, you can decide on any color you want once it’s in place. You don’t have to worry about matching shades to fit your design scheme exactly — that can come later.

Of course, plenty of product options come in shades that are already a perfect fit for your home. You don’t have to paint your wallpaper — think of it as an added option, not a necessity!

How to HangBelden Paintable Brick Texture

Most products come pre-pasted, so they’re usually easy to hang. That’s another plus! Prepare your walls like you would for any other type of wall covering. One suggestion is priming them beforehand. This makes it easier to remove the wallpaper if you decide you want to one day, and it helps smooth out the surface as much as possible, without embarking on a full replastering job.

Make sure you let the product dry for at least 36 hours before attempting to paint it. If you don’t wait, it could bubble, ruining the textured look.

How to Paint

Do not use a primer to coat the wallpaper. That could fill in the texture, negating this desirable design feature. You don’t need to use special paint either, so don’t believe any supposed “experts” who try to sell you on a certain type! Try to stick to using a low-gloss product so that it won’t take away from the texture you want to come through. You might want to use two coats, depending on the quality of the paint.

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