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At Oaks Senior Living, we are changing the way the world views aging by focusing on providing people-centric senior living services. It is essential to us that we customize the life experience in every one of our communities. Our mission is to acknowledge personal choice regardless of age. We want to provide all seniors with a sense of purpose and celebrate uniqueness. We know firsthand the importance of meaningful relationships. If you have an older parent, you also understand how they still have their own likes, strengths, and deserve to be valued for who they are.

What Does Person-Centered Mean?

A person-centered lifestyle is seeking, understanding, and honoring the life history of every individual in our community. Residents should be offered a daily routine with services in senior living that provide choices and provide care on a prospective basis. Our culture here at Oaks surrounds this philosophy of building a meaningful life with purpose for all of our residents.


Our community is transitioning away from traditional senior care. Unlike Oaks Senior Living, other communities may not understand that all residents are people first. We want to honor these people, their choices, and give them a sense of purpose. For example, at our Oaks at Hampton community, we have a gentleman who had the personal desire to deliver the mail to all his neighbors, and he loved doing it ever since! Some of our residents’ love getting involved with the dining experience for others. Whether it is folding napkin art or helping set table placements, they are able to contribute in any way they choose and spend more of their time being involved within the community.

It is not only a place to live and receive care, but where every resident has a purpose, can make their own decisions, and knows you still have a say while living at Oaks Senior Living.

Residents have program choices and activity options. They have the availability to be out of the community 2-3 times a week, for luncheons, gardens, local museums, etc. Your loved one could enjoy a very active lifestyle, with the choice of which outings they want to go on. By building our relationships with team members and residents we can learn about their personal history and develop new programs geared towards the residents’ individual interests.

Programs in Place

Designated Care Partners

We help all new members of our Oaks family feel secure and become quickly familiarized with the community with assigned care partners. The partners are based on resident’s say and compatibility. Designated Care Partners is one of our senior living services that continually benefit the resident’s life at Oaks. The partner takes the time to get to know the resident and understand what their wants and needs are. Furthermore, this relationship creates trust, empathy, and friendship.

All-Day Dining


 A service in senior living that should always be an experience is the available dining. Would you want to only have access to a warm meal at specific times in your own home? That is why we offer residents the choice to plan their own days and not worry about scheduled meals. The dining staff is available almost all day long. So, if your parents like to wake up early and eat breakfast or if they tend to sleep in, fresh meals will always be available!

Pet Therapy

Loneliness is pervasive amongst seniors and can lead to severe health complications. Not only do we combat loneliness with care partners but we provide furry friends to help too! Every Oaks community houses an aviary, aquarium, and a house pet. Our pet therapy senior living service creates a home-like ambiance and provides a great deal of happiness for our residents.

Multi-Generational Approach

At Oaks, we embrace a family-like atmosphere welcoming all family members, friends, and local volunteers. We encompass a multi-generational approach to improve the culture among residents. We can cultivate joyful relationships between multiple generations with this approach. We have local schools, daycares, religious groups, and similar organizations come to our Oaks communities to bridge the gap.

We are dedicated to changing the way the world views aging. Each day is a platform for growth, enjoyment, and the allowance of new experiences. If you know of someone who would benefit from our person-centered lifestyle, connect with your closest community today!


Blog Source: Oaks Senior Living | Senior Living Services to Embrace A Person-Centered Lifestyle


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