Printing multiple cheques smartly in one go

Today everyone is trying to complete their work in less time, in an easy way and in a professional way. As Calculation of large numbers takes much time but calculators make calculation very easy and do the big calculations in a few seconds. So everywhere everyone is trying to consume time smartly.

If we have to write ten cheques manually then it will take too much time to write each cheque, and in manual writing, the chances of writing errors is more. Financial sectors like banks, organizations and companies etc who are specialized in money related work have need of printing software that prints multiple cheques in one go and save the precious time and to print cheques easily. Cheque printing software is the best solution for solving the manual writing problems. Cheque printing becomes very easy and hassle-free with the cheque printing software. This is very simple and user-friendly technology.

Cheque printing software is very easy to use and it auto-fills all cheque parameters such as payee name, date, amount in figures, amount in words, authorized person, company name and other options on any size of cheque from any country to a customary office printer. It has many useful features. It also automatically attains functions such as storing cheque information and other important details. This printing software is a real timesaver. Typo error-free feature makes your cheque error-free. Tamper-proof feature, it is very easy to stop the fraudulent of cheques inconvenient way. Cheque printing software has inbuilt feature of cheque alignment, import data from database, batch printing etc. This software eliminates the errors and automatically converts amount in figures to amount in words. Its alignment module ensures to write a cheque without mistakes.

Nowadays most cheque printing software has a feature of batch printing. Batch printing means to print the number of cheques in one go. It is the best way to print multiple cheques smartly. Batch printing tool is a real timesaver.

This cheque printing software reduces manual printing errors. In this software, three printing options are available as if you want to print one by one cheque select “print per cheque”, if you want to print multiple cheques at a time select “print all cheques” and if you want to print cheques in range then select “print by the sequence”. This feature is really very helpful to save our precious time without any printing mistakes.

Everyone can easily use the feature of batch printing. These cheque printing software’s support most office printer for batch printing such as inkjet, disk jet, laser, and All-in-one printers.

For Batch printing, users have to fill the parameters such as import payee name, Amount, Date and Description from excel file. Even if you want to skip any cheque from multiple files, you can easily skip that cheque.

Advance softwares like FastCheque, offers excel import module to import records from excel file and print cheques in 2 clicks and save all records in software.

As there is a benefit to print all cheques in one go and to skip the cheque with wrong cheque detail. So, there are fewer chances of a cheque issued by you being returned by the bank of the beneficiary. With so many beneficial features of cheque printing software, every individual and organizations are using FastCheque Software developed by


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