Relocating to San Jose “Silicon Valley”, California

Children's Discovery Museum

This is the children’s discovery museum of San Jose

San Jose is one of the biggest cities in California. It ranks 3d by population with about 1 million registered citizens in 2014. It is an exotic place that is perfect for those who are in love with the summer and the sunshine. With a long list of beautiful and interesting places to visit, career and education opportunities, San Jose can enchant you and make you fall in love. But what is it like to move to San Jose, CA, and what do you need to know before your relocation? Here are some tips that will help you make the transition easily and start your new life smoothly.

Hayes Mansion, San Jose

This is a photo of the Hayes Mansion. Wouldn’t you love to be there to see it yourself?

Moving to San Jose, CA

Economy & Cost of Living

If you are looking for a job after you move to San Jose, there are quite a few options for you. To begin with, the city is also known as Silicon Valley not without a reason. There are plenty of computer, engineering and microprocessor companies in the city. There is a very long list of companies with more than 1,000 employees in various areas like fast food, public authorities, PC, and many more, which means that you have a wide choice of career options. To begin with, you could check out the job offers from the City of San Jose. To sum it up with numbers, of all the venture capital funds in all of America, 35% are invested in San Jose and Silicon Valley companies. Logically, after all, we’ve said so far, it would be correct if you supposed that the cost of living in the Silicon Valley and the areas around it is among the highest in California and the USA in general. The reason for this lies mainly in the housing costs. The metro area is claimed to be the happiest place to find employment at by Forbes, though, which means that living there has its pros as well, plenty of them.

San Jose Center for the Performing Arts

This is the Center for the Performing Arts, San Jose, California, at night.

As for the crime rate, San Jose is ranked as one of the safest cities in America with a population above 500,000 people. It has the second lowest violent crime rate of any city with 500,000 or more residents. This makes the area a comparatively safe place for you and your kids. To add to the list of things to consider, there are also many schools, colleges and universities to select from, should you need to.

San Jose Climate

The area has a subtropical Mediterranean climate. The average sunshine days per year are 301, great, isn’t it! Since the city is surrounded by mountains on three sides, it has much less rain than other parts of the Bay Area. The coldest months are December and January and the hottest are usually July and August.

Interesting Places

What can you look forward to seeing in San Jose? Those could be the San Jose City Hall, the Mexican Heritage Plaza, the Circle of Palms Plaza, the Lick Observatory, the Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose, Japantown San Jose, Oak Hill Memorial Park, the History Park at Kelley Park, the Basilica Cathedral of St. Joseph, the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, to name just a few of all.

And if you are looking for interesting and fun things to do in San Jose, you could find a regularly updated calendar here and on this link. It is good to give the place a chance and get to know a little bit of it before you move. If you do so, you will surely have great fun. Spending a couple of days in San Jose, CA, with your partner or your whole family would be an incredible experience worth going through.

Downtown San Jose

Downtown San Jose

Finding Movers and Packers, San Jose

If you are looking for San Jose movers to pack and take your things to your new home, best would be to get a moving cost estimate. It will give you an idea of what your move would cost you so you can prepare with your moving budget. If you will be needing a storage after you move to San Jose, let the movers know in advance so they could find you a suitable storage unit that will match your needs and requirements. Here are a few simple, but useful tips on how to select your storage facility.

Since San Jose is a costly place, it is logical that moving services could also be higher than in other parts of the country. That is why we recommend taking precautions like reading reviews of movers before hiring them. Here is a list with top websites to check for reviews before you actually sign your moving contract. Taking precautions is a must, especially if you are relocating from another state which means that the move will cost you more than a local relocation.


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