A Renter’s Guide When Decorating with Wallpaper

Don’t worry — decorating with wallpaper is still possible, even if you’re a renter. You just have to get creative.

At Wallpaper Warehouse, we have plenty of suggestions on how to keep your landlord happy but still make your space feel like home.

It’s All About That Security Deposit

Most landlords ask for money up front as a security deposit. This is to ensure you don’t trash the place and take off at the end of your lease without a forwarding address. Getting your money back is good motivation to take care of the house or apartment while you’re there, then make sure it is spick-and-span for the final walk-through.

Even though you know this, once you’re all moved in, it’s easy to forget and start treating the space like it’s your own. After all, you pay rent every month!

Keep your security deposit (and your landlord’s goodwill) top of mind while you’re designing your interiors. It wouldn’t do to burn bridges, and is it that important to decorate at the expense of your security deposit? Landlords will probably overlook holes in walls where you hung pictures, but they may not take kindly to a permanently pasted dramatic wallpaper design that will take them hours to remove.

What are your options?

Removable Wallpaper Is Your Best Friend

honey-watercolorEver heard of peel-and-stick wallpaper? It’s about to become your new best friend! Renters can put away the paste. All you have to do is peel off the back of this wallpaper product, and yes, stick it on the wall.

But the best part is when you need to move, you can peel it off again, and the wall won’t look any worse for the wear! It’s also known as removable wallpaper — check our inventory for more information.

Use Wallpaper as Art

Let’s say you love a wallpaper design, but know you can’t physically stick it to the wall due to the terms of your renter’s contract. Why not just frame it instead? Using wallpaper as art is a great way to create the look you’re going for without any wall damage repercussions.

Decorate with Decals!

Don’t forget wallpaper decals! They’re popular for kids’ rooms, but they can work in your main living quarters too. Never settle for empty wall space — we have options that can help.

Get the Right Products Shipped to Your Door — Free

If you live in the continental U.S., you’re in for a treat — free shipping on all our products at Wallpaper Warehouse. We want to help you dream big when it comes to your interior design. Don’t let your landlord put your vision in a box! Shop online today and get the supplies you need to transform blank, white walls into a space that feels like home. Contact our customer support team with any questions.


Blog Source: Wallpaper Warehouse | Decorating with Wallpaper: A Renter’s Guide


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