Right installation of gutters and downspouts are essential for your commercial property

All gutters and downspouts are not created equal. Like tires for your vehicle or materials for your product, there is no one size fits all solution. Therefore, you can’t just install any old gutters and downspouts on your commercial building.

You make sure you pay attention to many major parts of your commercial property. The roof, sidewalks and HVAC system commands your utmost awareness. But how much do you think about the gutters and downspouts? The answer could determine the very future of your building.

Important aspects of your gutter and downspout system

Code constraints – because commercial buildings are typically governed by state or local mandates, it’s essential that you stay within these rules. For example, there might be guidelines determining where runoff is directed to prevent flooding in neighboring properties or sewer systems.

Color – you want your commercial property to look aesthetically pleasing to both visitors and as part of the surrounding community. Work with a quality roofing company to give your building the look you desire while still maintaining function.

Cost – with so much at stake, you don’t want to skimp or lowball your gutter and downspout system. It’s important to compare price versus quality. An experienced roofing contractor will be able to give you a written, comprehensive estimate and a strategic plan designed to fit your needs.

Installation – the best gutters in the world are useless if not installed properly. Ineffective installation can damage your commercial property and lead to structural issues such as leaks, rot and foundation weakening. There are many factors to consider, like pitch, mounting, and drainage. They should be shaped specifically to match your commercial property. Some companies try to save money by hiring a relative or other contractor that doesn’t specialize in roofing and gutter systems. If you do this, you will end up needing to replace your gutter system sooner rather than later. You will save more in the long run by using only professional, well-qualified roofing contractors to handle your gutter and downspout installation.

Longevity – it’s crucial that your gutter and downspout system can withstand the test of time and whatever Mother Nature throws at it. Things like severe winds, excessive precipitation, and even too many trees nearby can all affect the lifespan of your building and gutters. Just one inch of rain can produce hundreds of gallons of rain runoff so your gutters and downspouts must perform excellently. Once you go through the process of selecting the right company and having your gutters installed, you don’t want to have to turn around and repeat the procedure all over again a few years later. Look for a professional roofing company with tons of relevant experience as well as appropriate warranties to give you the highest grade gutters possible.

Maintenance – just installing your gutter system is not enough. You must perform due diligence in taking care of them as well. This may include making sure they are clear of any blockages and having them regularly inspected by a professional roofing company. That way, you can avoid surprises during the next storm in your area.

Materials – different conditions require diverse solutions. A gutter and downspout system that works in Arizona or Colorado will likely not perform the same in the harsh winters of New Jersey or Pennsylvania. The materials used must reflect the surrounding weather and visual characteristics of your area. Aluminum, copper, galvanized steel and plastic are some of the most popular options. Rust, deterioration, and affordability are just a few of the dynamics to consider. Which one you choose can have a significant impact on your commercial property.

Safety – while selecting the right size and color of gutters is crucial, it means nothing if they come crashing down around you. In addition, excess water can create puddles and ice formations. This leaves you open to injuries and lawsuits regarding your commercial property. Your commercial roofing contractor must use the latest and best materials and attachments to ensure the safety of your employees and customers.

Size – your gutter and downspout system should be matched to your commercial property. Since a commercial roof is typically larger than a residential one, it’s vital that your roofing company understand your unique situation and the challenges you face. This might include the fact that your building is higher and more vulnerable to the elements, extra runoff or that there will be more foot traffic on your roof. Trust the experts to assess your circumstances and recommend the correct size gutters you will need.

How much do you know about gutters and downspouts?

Did you know? Downspouts are essential in the proper function of your gutters. They are the vertical pipes that extend from the roof to the ground. Although not always attractive, they are necessary.

Did you know? Studies show that thousands of nonprofessionals get injured each year trying to clean gutters when they don’t know what they’re doing. Be safe and trust the experts.

Did you know? Roofing professionals find a multitude of unusual objects when cleaning gutters. Frisbees, toys and even lunch boxes are some of the most common. The strangest find is earthworms, although no one knows how they get from the ground all the way up into your gutters.

Did you know? The concept of rain gutters is very old. Research shows that they date all the way back to around 3,000 B.C. Gargoyles were once the dominant type of gutter system, thought to repel evil spirits as well as rainwater. While gutters have changed much over the years, the basic design has not.

Did you know? Many vehicles once included rain gutters. These were intended to keep the rain off your head when getting out of your vehicle. Aerodynamic concerns caused them to be phased out in the 1980s but you probably didn’t even notice.

Did you know? Some of the most common types of gutter repairs requested are due to leaks, sagging gutters, broken downspouts and ineffective installation. Protect your business and your commercial property with a reliable, experienced roofing company like Peck Brothers. We guarantee quality work and exceptional customer service for all your roofing needs.


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