Senior-Safe Traveling Tips

Everyone can benefit from traveling, especially independent living seniors. There are a variety of mental health benefits that arise from traveling – seeing new sights and escaping from the routine of everyday life.

No matter where you may be jetting off to, it is important to be mindful of certain considerations in regards to senior travel. The following are essential factors for evaluation.
Seniors Traveling

1. Acquire Travel Insurance

If you or your travel companions are seniors, you most likely already know how essential health insurance can be to your budget. When on the move, travel insurance can be critical. This is especially true when visiting exotic places. Seniors can be more susceptible to illness, slips, and falls, or even an unprecedented need for additional medication.

2. Mind Medical Access and Medicines

For senior travelers, it is often important to pack enough medications for the duration of the trip. It is important for your friend or loved one to plan out the days and corresponding medications or vitamins needed to fulfill the journey. However, accidents do happen, for instance, luggage may be lost or essential medicines may have been forgotten or misplaced. That is precisely why it is important for you and your traveling companion to be aware and properly plan for any medical necessities available to you at every destination.

3. Ensure Limited Mobility Access

As traveling can be tiresome at any age, traveling as an older adult can be downright exhausting! It is essential to ensure that there will be accommodations for elderly travelers such as benches and seats along with your journey. If your travel companion experiences limited-mobility, it is also dire to ensure your traveling locations are wheelchair or walker accessible.

4. Overall Senior Safety for Travel

When living in an independent living community, generally seniors can come and go as they please. When it comes to travel vast distances, there are more strenuous safety concerns that must be considered.

If your travel companion is social media savvy, ensure that it is not posted on Facebook that either of you will be away from your homes for an extended period of time. Being more private about travel plans can protect your home and your hotel room.

It is also important to consider the following:

  • Do not to wear expensive accessories
  • Be mindful of what you eat, even on vacation
  • Let family members and close friends know where you are along your journey
  • Always watch your step and your luggage
  • Try and stay near English speaking areas, in case of an emergencies

Following these tips can ensure that you and your travel companion stay safe and healthy. Remember, when traveling with a senior always receive a physician’s approval before leaving your home. There may be certain medications or vaccinations that are necessary for travel to certain regions.

Try not to refuse travel with a senior in your life simply because of age alone. Help a senior in your life mark one off their bucket list and plan a trip today!


Blog Source: Oaks Senior Living | Senior-Safe Traveling Tips


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