Seniors Don’t Have to Live Solo

Are you closing in on the Golden Years and find yourself childfree? Married or not, congratulations you are considered a Solo Senior! The good news is even though you are a solo senior, you do not have to live alone. A lot of residents at Oaks Senior Living chose a childfree life and now they can keep the fun times rolling in an assisted living community!

A large percentage of the population is now facing retirement childfree. This is due to some interesting historic factors according to the article Solo Ager – Boomers Without Kids. The article reveals that until 1970 the number of women without children was a merely 10%, which quickly doubled, but, why?


Liberated Baby Boomers

There were a few factors that liberated women in the Baby boomer generation to lead a childfree life. Birth Control was introduced and legalized which gave women the choice to be a mother or not. This, in conjunction with the increased access to higher education for women and equal employment laws, helped to level the playing field for women to pursue careers just as easily as men. These forces led to an increasingly high percentage of older adults without children.

Planning as a Solo Senior

Are you or someone close to you stumbling into the world of being a Solo Senior? Being a senior is an exciting new chapter in one’s life, but eventually, it will lead to a series of pertinent choices. You may eventually need someone to care for you or make decisions for you. This is not something anyone wants to deal with, but the good news is we broke down the steps to planning for the future as a Solo Senior.

Step 1 – Legal Arrangements

If you are married, then you have someone who could make hard decisions for you if needed. However, you still need to prepare for the possibility of something may happen to the both of you. This is where legal arrangements come in. It is important to have a Power of Attorney, which legally gives someone the power to make decisions for you. It is best to choose a trusted family member, friend or lawyer. In addition to having a POA, a ‘will’ will need to be addressed. Where will your savings go? Will they go to extended family or charity? A will addresses how pets, belongings, finances, and final arrangements are taken care of.

Step 2 – Living Arrangements


You also need to plan for future living arrangements. Would you want to live in a senior independent community with like-minded individuals? Would you want roommates or family to stay with you? In the case that your health does deteriorate, you need to know your options beforehand. You can invite a skilled nurse to take care of you periodically or live in an assisted living or memory care community. It is important to know your options and incorporate them into your future plan as a Solo Senior.

Step 3 – Finalize Your Plan

Once you know your options, you need to finalize your plan. If you are still unsure what actions are best for you, you can hire a geriatric care manager, a senior advisor, or meet with a loved one and an attorney. Then, document your plan and the various courses of actions that you would want to take if anything happened.


Blog Source: Oaks Senior Living | Solo Seniors Don’t Have to Live Solo


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