September Wallpaper Trend: The Impact of Precious Metals

September’s wallpaper trend is for those who like to shine.

As the school year starts up and the temperatures start dropping, it’s clear that change is in the air. Why not give your walls a change as well with our precious metals designs?

Metals such as gold, silver, copper, bronze and platinum ooze glamour. They shouldn’t just be reserved for the jewelry box, either. Adorn your walls with these colors and see how they can transform a simple room into an exclusive suite.

Below are some tips to help your metal-colored wallpaper integrate well with your home.

Look for Patterns

Metallic colors are loud and command attention. In order to tone them down, you’ll want paper with a pattern or a good texture.

This will help break up the sheet of color when the light hits it. Your patterns can be as simple as stripes or as complex as floral embellishments.

As the season starts to change, the light will come in through the windows at lower angles. That’s why we get to see such beautiful sunsets more often in the fall. Positioning your metallic wallpaper so that the light from the setting sun hits it every evening will give your room added beauty. Gold, bronze and copper are perfect for rooms that get evening sun.

Silver and platinum are well-suited for the cooler sunrises.

Keep the Room Open

Metallic wallpaper draws all the eyes in the room to it. Unfortunately, if the room is small or cluttered, it can feel overwhelming or too noisy.

The best solution for this is to keep the room open. In this case, less is more. You won’t need a lot of decoration, because your wallpaper will do that for you!

Go Matte

Want the richness of the precious metals without the flashy prices? Get matte wallpaper. Many times, matte is cheaper than metallic wallpapering because it costs less to produce.

Different shades of the precious metals can help your matte wallpaper look just as expensive. For example, this wallpaper utilizes both beige and gold to help the trees stand out.

And with a satin sheen overlay, it maintains the luminescent look of metallic wallpaper.

Add Precious Metal Coloring to Your Wallpaper

You need a wallpaper that will help your house shine. Incorporating the look of precious metals into your décor is an easy and classy way to add elegance to your home. With so many shades and patterns, there’s something for everyone.

You can go bold with large, shiny patterns, or you can keep it simple with soft satin shading. Whatever you need, our team here at Wallpaper Warehouse has you covered. Contact us to learn about our most popular metallic wallpapers.


Blog Source: Wallpaper Warehouse | September Wallpaper Trend: Precious Metals


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