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We Build It Right the First Time

Extraordinary All-Weather Durability

  • Our sophisticated tension system is built using individual 15 ft. (4.5-meter) membrane panels that are tensionedboth vertically and horizontally.
  • Combined with each Sprung structure’s unique shape, the robust tension system is built to endure extreme conditions—be it a frozen ice field or an active war zone.
  • Other examples:
    • Extreme Cold: Arctic Watch, the world’s most northerly lodge, is located 80 miles south of the Magnetic North Pole.
    • Extreme Winds: The Missile Defense System integrated architecture at Fluor Alaska Inc., located in Shemya, Alaska, is engineered to withstand wind loads of 120 mph. Warwick Le Lagon Resort & Spa in Vanuatu was used as a storm shelter on March 13, 2015 during Cyclone Pam, a category 5 cyclone.
    • Extreme Snowfalls: The Kirkwood Mountain Resort in Lake Tahoe, California, has set a world record for snowfall in a single week at 9.7 feet in February 2011.
    • Extreme Heat: Former U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld addressed troops in front of a Sprung structure in the Kuwait desert.

Energy Efficiency

Sustainable Building Solutions


Design Flexibility & Relocation

Sprung is dedicated to empowering our customers with total design flexibility. Did you know that Sprung’s relocatable shelters are constructed faster than conventional buildings and can be deployed anywhere? And they are still incredibly durable, even in hurricane zones! They’re also highly insulated and energy-efficient, despite the high ceilings and vast clear-span space within.

If your space needs to expand, or you need to move often to better suit your  needs, Sprung is the perfect solution for you. A Sprung relocatable shelter can be altered and redeployed flawlessly to wherever you need it most. Learn more about our beautiful relocatable structures below.

Simplicity and Versatility

As Permanent as You Need It to Be

Modern Interior Comfort and Elegance

Ready to Move When You Are

  • Sprung relocatable buildings are specifically designed and engineered for ease of movement.
  • Structures can be disassembled, moved, and re-built or completely reconfigured.
  • The same relocatable shelter can often serve many different purposes at various sites (e.g.- recreational centre)

Less Time, Save Money

  • Speed of delivery and rapid construction result in a much shorter and less expensive project completion.
  • Our Tedlar- and Kynar-coated high-performance architectural fabric membranes are long-lasting with an attractive selection of finishes—eliminating the need to refinish your interior or exterior walls.
  • The superior airtightness of our building envelope increases the efficiency of the insulation and lowers HVAC and other operating costs.
  • Our rust-free aluminum substructure provides an almost indefinite lifespan.
  • Sprung structures can be increased in size, reconfigured or relocated. They are multi-use and adapt easily to the needs of multiple market sectors.

Financial Options to Fit Every Project

  • Sprung offers you the option to purchase, lease, or lease with the option to purchase.
  • These flexible payment options can reduce up-front costs and capital investments to provide you with a significant cash flow advantage.
  • Contact us to discuss how we can help you save.

The Sprung Guarantee

  • All of our structures include a pro-rata guarantee of 50 years on the aluminum substructure and up to 25 years on the architectural membrane.
  • What distinguishes us is that unlike online distributors, Sprung manufactures and delivers our own products. We have manufacturing and distribution centers across North America and the Middle East, with offices around the world.
  • Our team is here to help you plan, customize, and budget for a faster and better way to build.


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