Store Your Holiday Décor: 5 Ways to Plan Ahead this Holiday Season

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The holiday season is well underway as we approach mid-December. It’ll be Christmas before we know it. Lights, garland and trimmed trees of all sizes are popping up everywhere as snow falls around us.

It’s a magical time, with many reasons to gather, decorate and celebrate.

As you’ve begun to pull out decorations, or bought new staples to give your home a seasonal twist, you may be filled with wonder on where and how to store it all after the New Years’ ball drops. Below, we share a few considerations to plan ahead for your seasonal decoration collection.

1. Keep Original Boxes and Bins

Consider keeping the boxes and materials used to keep your items safe in the store. Packaged with care, these storage materials are well thought out to uniquely pair with your decorative item of choice.

As you open boxes and bins, make a mental note of how these items were kept when originally boxed up for sale. This gives you insight into how they may need to be kept to remain intact for years to come.

2. Develop an Eye-Catching System for Storage

Here’s your time to be creative! We’re sure you have boxes storing various household items—from garden tools to electronic cords and office supplies. Unless an identification system is in place, it can be difficult to know which boxes you need to pull out around the holidays.

To combat, mark boxes in a way that clearly identifies them as your holiday season decorations. We outline a few tips for box labeling in a previous post, 4 Considerations as You Label Boxes for Self Storage. As a decorative touch, consider also adding graphical representations, such as a holiday light bulb for your lights, an ornament for tree supplies, or a snowflake for fake snow.

3. Pack Similar Items Together

To keep your items organized and systems clear, only store one type of item per box. Keep ornaments with ornaments and lights with lights to avoid confusion later on and the inevitable question of “Now where did I put that?”

4. Dedicate a Specific Space

Another way to know exactly where the items you need reside is to always keep them in the same place.

Find a place in your home, or consider a self-storage solution, that you associate with holiday decoration storage. Whether it’s under a staircase, in a specific area of your garage or in a dedicated room, you will always know exactly where to look when the time comes.

5. Collect Packing Materials and Supplies Year-round

Have supplies on hand to pack and store with ease. You never know when you may need an extra box, tape or packing peanuts.


Blog Source: Security Self Storage | Store Your Holiday Décor: 5 Ways to Plan Ahead this Holiday Season


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