How to Store Winter Clothes in the Summer

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Storing Winter Clothes for Summer

It’s now officially summer and it’s time to pack up those winter clothes and whip out the summer clothes. Especially living in St. George, the time of the year that winter clothes are needed can be quite slim. But what is the best way to store your clothes in the winter to keep them in the best condition?

There are a lot of tips out there about the best way to store your winter clothes, and we are going to go over just a few of the really good ones. Most of the tips are pretty specific to what you have available to you and if you live in an apartment, house, etc, but they are easily alterable to your circumstance.

  1. First things first, you want to wash all of your winter clothes. Your clothes may not seem very dirty, but after months of sitting, they will seem very dirty. You want to pull out your winter clothes and have them as fresh as you left them, so make sure to wash and dry them all completely.
  2. Before you want to even start storing your clothes you want to sort and repair them. You might as well get this out of the way while you are storing your clothes anyway! Get rid of the ones that you don’t wear anymore, and then repair or patch all of the others that you have been meaning to for a while.
  3. Start with the coats and jackets. You want to have all of your coats and jackets hanging when they are stored to prevent them from getting ruined. If you are short on space you can vacuum seal the coats. It is smart to only vacuum seal the bags halfway so that you don’t wrinkle the coats.
  4. Plastic bins will be your best friend. It is tempting to leave clothes hanging or putting them in a plastic bag. If you leave them hanging you risk the chance of stretching out your sweaters or other heavier items. Putting them in a bag will wrinkle them and possibly make them lose their shape as well. You should fold all of your clothes that you can and store them in plastic bins with lids. These can be put underneath a bed, in a storage unit, or a garage.
  5. A tip given by She Finds is to pack the big items efficiently. If you put everything in bins, as suggested earlier, you might have an excessive amount of bins that you don’t have room to store. If you vacuum seal the large bulky items then they will take up significantly less room. You can even pack the sealed bags into bins if you want it for stacking purposes.

The main tip that goes along with all of these tips is where you store the items. The ideal place for the bins to be stored is in a cool, dry, and dark place. Basements or storage units are usually good options. But even just storing the bins underneath a bed in an air-conditioned house will be fine. A heat and water combo is the worst to have. If this happens then when winter comes around again and you go to pull out your winter clothes they will be moldy and ruined. So no matter how well you pack them, or how nice the bins are that you store them in, where you store them can make the biggest difference.


Blog Source: Monarch Storage | Storing Winter Clothes in the Summer


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