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Kids with iPads are Appsolutely Normal

As a kid, my spare time was filled with outdoor playtime, naps (though I admit they were rare) daily afternoon cartoons, playing house and reading books or taking trips to the library. A decade and a sibling later, so many things have changed.

Our generation cannot handle being disconnected anymore – whether it is through a phone, the computer or tablets, we always have to tinker with something. I had my share of early technology too – through Nokia phones, Tetris handheld games, and dial up internet connections on boxy personal computers.

It’s a funny irony, how toddlers turn out to be better at handling gadgets and iPads than their parents. Even if the gadgets are meant to be for the enjoyment of the adults, they always get passed down to the kids – unless they malfunction or break before the younglings get their hands on it.

Technology was created and meant to make our lives easier, not deter our growth as humans. It’s up to us how we handle it. Since the first iPads came out in 2010, it has become a staple family gadget, especially when it came to teaching and “taming” kids.