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Mobile Game Review: Crashlands (NEW)


Game Title: Crashlands


This action role playing video game (RPG) was developed by Butterscotch Shenanigans. Founded by Coster Brothers (Seth, Sam & Adam Coster) from Louis MO.

Crashlands is one of the recently developed and published games by Butterscotch Shenanigans which stands as one of Metatcritic’s Most Critically Acclaimed games of all time in the App store.  Behind this critically acclaimed game is a life-changing story, this a  product from cancer survival. At the age of 23 one of the founders, the artist Sam Coaster was diagnosed with T-Cell Rich, Large B-Cell Lymphoma, stage 4b. In TouchArcade he revealed that it is the last game he make before he dies  and wanted to leave a legacy.   Polygon also features: “This Game is Made out of Suffering”. This game is not just an ordinary game but a game full of life and inspiration.


A paid game costing US$4.99 .

Installation/Mobile Requirements:

It was initially released last 21st of January 2016 for Windows PC, iOS and Android.  For android recommended hardware and OS:

  • Android 4.1 or newer
  • Not Lesser than 1GB RAM
  • At least 960x540px screen resolution

Intro To Basic Game Play:

Crashlands is an ARPG that let you enter to Woanope.  All about Flux Dabes a galactic delivery truck driver who crashlanded on Woanope due to interruption of megalomaniacal alien “Hewgodooko”.  At Woanope, you have to craft, fight, tame, explore and build your way in dominating all things leading you and your Juicebox (trusty sidekick cargo palette) to send message to the Bureau of Shipping to help in delivering the packages.

The game is very easy to play, just pick-up-and-play controls. See introductory gameplay Youtuber Blitzkriegsler.

Easy to Play

Crashlands is similar to Klei’s Entertainment Don’t Starve. Crashland is simply an ARPG that is very easy to play. Just remember the four keys “W”, “A”, “S”, “D” to work on basic function of inventory and crafting. Mouse is the main controller to direct Flux around Wanope.

The start of the game is all about collecting the needs such as sawgrass and sticks. Then eventually, there is a need to create schematic recipes to make objects needed for the game. To build objects just simply go to “the crafting bench and click the “build” button. Pressing “W” means activating the build mode and moving the objects down while “A”, “S”, D” and F” is used to activate items on the action bar.

Enjoy Crafting

When getting new schematic recipes, the gamer needs to pick it up on the ground. Then go to crafting menu and click the newly added recipe to track it.  Track it button let a gamer shows what supplies are needed to build the object or if there is a need to collect additional supplies.

Teleport is Possible

Teleporting around the map is very easy by clicking the map button. The map button is an easy way to go back to the base, if ever a gamer gone too far.

Explore for More

The secret word to win the game is to “explore”, there is a need to go further to gain some tricks. Fighting is challenging yet exciting while you are solving a maze. Wanope is shown to be a place of high technology, wherein everything is easy but strategy is needed to control the game. When it comes to its graphics, it is simply impressive and meaningful.  Truly outlandish! .


In mobile games, controls are very essential. A player wants to play the game anywhere and anytime, so it’s important that they can click the right buttons. With Crashlands , it is very easy to play, there are just 4 basic keys: “W”, “A”, “S”, “D” and a mouse or a cursor to navigate Flux.  Even teleporting as mentioned above is possible with the map button. Building objects is also simple through crafting chair and the build button.  Instructions are very clear and there is no problem with the keys.

What’s New:

Although the original launch was already outstanding but still Butterscoctch Shenanigans wanted it to be outlandish!

  • ‘Crashlands’ 1.2 Juicemancy Update – it contains a brand new system, called Juicemancy which according to them channels ‘FLABAJILLIJOLTS of energy’ to the equipment for upgrade, change and reroll stats. This patch brings major update to gameplay mechanics and support for Bluetooth controllers.  It also allows specializing weapons or personalization toward certain stats making more enchanted. It also brings new trinkets and gadgets like ‘Electro Fuzz-Knuckles’ and others which allow a gamer character to boost their elemental powers. With its Bluetooth compatibly it’s becoming more convenient with wireless controllers, an exciting way to play the game.