Things You Need to Know About Breast Augmentation


Breast Augmentation, also commonly referred to as breast implant surgery, breast enlargement, or breast enhancement surgery is the cosmetic procedure where breast implants are inserted through either an incision made either in the breast fold or around the areola. Breast implants can be filled with either saline solution (sterile water) or silicone gel. Both serve their purpose well for breast augmentation purposes; however, unlike saline solution which can easily be removed should you not like it, it may be difficult to remove silicone implants. Therefore, if your primary reason for getting breast augmentation is insecurity about your appearance (which can potentially lead to depression), you could consider laser dermabrasion instead of breast augmentation. [Note: breast implants have been associated with a number of potential risks, from breast implant rupture to breast cancer. However, there is no evidence that breast implants cause breast cancer, in fact, a 15-year study showed that breast cancer isn’t linked in any way with breast implants.

Just remember, before going forward with this procedure do your research and seek advice from medical professionals if you feel insecure about your appearance. Then you can determine whether or not having breast augmentation surgery should be one of the things you do for yourself. Now back to various facts about breast augmentation…

1) You may need more than one surgery session should the first surgery not produce desired results. Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t happen right away because breast implants take months to “settle” in your breast tissue.

2) All breast implants are not created equal, so if you want better results with breast augmentation it is best that you select a surgeon who is experienced with breast implant surgeries.

3) Breast implant surgery cost varies depending on the type of breast implant used (Silicone vs Saline), the location where breast augmentation was done (breast or clinic office), additional procedures performed at the same time as breast augmentation (such as liposuction), and insurance plan since some plans cover breast implant surgery while others don’t. Now keep in mind that if your primary reason for getting breast augmentation is insecurity about your appearance, you could consider laser dermabrasion instead of breast augmentation or some other type of cosmetic surgery procedure where there are no breast implants involved.

4) Saline breast implants are placed just below the breast gland while silicone breast implants are inserted behind the breast tissue. In both cases, your breasts will have a new shape that may feel different from what you’re used to experiencing.

5) After breast implant surgery you need to allow plenty of time for healing before resuming any physical activities. Also, keep in mind that a mastectomy cannot be performed at the same time as a breast implant so if breast reconstruction is your primary concern consider consulting a plastic surgeon with expertise in this area. Breast augmentation should only be done by a qualified plastic surgeon since this involves going through skin and muscle to place breast implants.

6) Recovery time for breast augmentation can vary, but breast redness and swelling should subside within two or three months; however, it is important that you keep your follow-up appointments with your surgeon so he/she can check your implants to make sure they are healing well. Also, it’s a good idea to wear a supportive bra (i.e., sports bra) around the clock for about six weeks after breast surgery; then you can switch to wearing it during daytime hours only for another six weeks.

7) Never scrub the breast implant area when washing since this may damage breast capsules surrounding breast implants thus allowing silicone gel inside breast implants to leak into your body. And never sleep on your breast implants either since breast implants could shift if you sleep on your stomach.

8) Breast augmentation can be a very private and personal matter that is why some women prefer breast implant surgery using general anesthesia while others chose to have breast augmentation under local anesthesia. The decision is up to you, but whatever choice you make just remember that it’s important for you to be comfortable throughout the breast surgery process.

9) Not really a fact about breast augmentation, but if breast implants or any other cosmetic surgery procedure don’t turn out as expected try not to panic since breast implants are reversible by removing them from the breast tissue through a small incision in the breast gland so they won’t show when wearing clothes.

10) After a mastectomy breast reconstruction can be done at the same time as breast implant surgery, but breast augmentation should not be performed shortly after pregnancy since this will cause breast implants to stretch resulting in an unfavorable breast appearance.

11) Since breast implants are inserted under muscle you may have muscle aches for a few weeks after breast surgery. This is caused by tissue damage around breast implants so if you want to lessen muscle soreness it’s important that your doctor perform liposuction at the same time as breast augmentation. Also, it’s normal for your breasts to feel tight or even numb after breast surgery depending on where the incision was made during the breast surgery procedure, but this feeling should subside within two months after having breast implant surgery.

12) Breast augmentation is breast enhancement surgery that allows women with breast asymmetry to have a breast size that matches their breast contour. However, breast augmentation will not correct severe breast sagging or ptosis (i.e., drooping breasts) which is best corrected by a surgical breast lift procedure along with breast implant surgery. Also, make sure you know whether your doctor prefers silicone implants over saline implants since some plastic surgeons believe silicone gel has decreased risk of capsular contracture compared to saline solution implants while others believe there are no distinct differences between the risks for gel-filled breast implants and saline-filled breast implants.

13) Keep in mind that only small incisions are made during breast augmentation so scarring should be minimal as long as the incision is made in the breast crease, underneath breast implants so they won’t show when you wear clothes.

14) Breast augmentation surgery has been performed more than a million times since the first breast implant surgery back in 1962, but breast implant surgery is still evolving as new techniques are being developed to minimize breast scarring and breast pain after breast surgery.

15) There are some risks involved with breast augmentation since breast implants can cause women who have breast cancer to develop a spread of breast cancer due to silicone from leaking breast implants or fluid from ruptured silicone breast implants getting into lymph nodes near breasts which increases the risk of developing a secondary cancer tumor. And even though one out of eight women may develop an autoimmune disease during their lifetime, there is no connection between breast implants and autoimmune diseases such as lupus or breast cancer.



Breast augmentation breast surgery involves breast enlargement either by breast implants or with breast fat transfers which can increase breast size up to one cup size. Although breast implants are a safe procedure most women who have breast surgery cause swelling, tenderness, bruising and pain in breasts so wait 6-8 weeks after breast surgery before you start exercising or having sex again. Also, make sure you know about all risks involved with breast implants before undergoing breast augmentation surgery so you can be better prepared for potential negative outcomes of the surgery if they were to occur.


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