Tips in Preparing for Wallpaper: Should You Prime, Sand, Paint?

Preparing for wallpaper is almost as involved in a process as actually hanging wallpaper. Your walls are your canvas, and wallpaper is your mode of expression. Because it’s integral to the room’s look, make sure you handle the preparation phase correctly. Do you need your sander, your putty knife or your paintbrush?

When You’re Starting with Drywall

If you’re hanging wallpaper on drywall that’s never been painted or primed before, apply two coats of an oil-based primer. This method ensures you will be able to easily strip the wallpaper when it’s time for your next redesign. Then apply one coat of acrylic primer, and let it dry for at least two hours before hanging the wallpaper.

When There’s Old Paint

Don’t assume you can just cover up old paint as is. It probably has to be scraped away to ensure proper adhesion. First, scrape away the old paint, then sand the wall to remove all chips and flakes. Wash it thoroughly with a bleach solution. Let it dry completely, then apply a coat of primer.

Fill any holes or cracks with plaster before the priming phase.

If the wall has been freshly painted, it may hold up for a new wallpaper covering, but not if it’s a glossy paint. Glosses don’t have good adhesive qualities, so you’ll need to sand and prime prior to hanging.

When There’s Old Wallpaper

Strip all traces of old wallpaper before hanging new. Soak and scrape the paper, or use the steaming method to remove stubborn areas. Make sure to scrape away all traces of the adhesive. Wash the wall, apply a coat of primer, then it’s ready for hanging!

Covering Textured Walls

For textured walls, try applying compound until the surface is even and smooth. Or sand it down until it’s even. For the first option, you’ll need plenty of plaster, and for the second, you’ll have to clean up a big, dusty mess. But you can’t hang wallpaper on a surface that isn’t smooth.

Looking for more tips on preparing for wallpaper? Our team can help. Call us and tell us about your goals for your space. If you need input from an experienced wallpaper professional, call Wallpaper Warehouse.


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