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The car you are using is vulnerable to damages and wears no matter how carefully your drive. All the parts that come in direct contact with friction and movements can easily wear out making your vehicle inefficient. When that happens, the only best option is a replacement.

Most people don’t know what it takes to get a car working efficiently. They put all their trust in the repairer. Whereas this is a good choice, it only works if you get a trustworthy dealership. Otherwise, you need to understand the type of spare parts your car needs.

With the e-commerce expanding and changing the way people shop, one should always be able to tell genuine parts. It may seem like things have gotten easier, but there are challenges to look out. Buying spare parts on, for instance, assures you quality. Such is a dealer you can trust to get you the right car parts.

Not all online dealers are like that. The only thing that makes the difference will be your knowledge and experience with spares. You can compare what you get from other sources with what Boodmo offers.

What do genuine parts mean?

Have you ever opened the engine of a brand-new car for instance? You will discover all the parts have the logo of the car makers. These are also called original parts, meaning they come directly with the vehicle from the dealer.

A different company may manufacture these products. They only carry the logo of a car manufacturer, but they are from a third party. Such parts are quite costly because you must pay for that logo.

When looking for genuine spare parts, most people will look for those that carry the company logo. The assumption is that they get to keep the warranty. Well, the truth is, a warranty is not affected by types of spares you use. It only makes the difference where you repair the car from. Dealership repair shops will help you utilize the warranty while repairing from home or another shop will void it.

Why buy genuine parts only?

The reason why parts that come originally with the car are very is efficient is because they will never affect the vehicle’s performance. You can use the car as much as you want without any problem. This is why you need to get genuine spares that are also compatible with the operation on your machine.

You are assured of quality. Buying genuine parts means you have the same components in your car like the ones you bought it with. This means the same quality of performance for your new car is restored. They are costly yes, but they will keep your vehicle safe and operational to the maximum.

The best part is, they come from professionals who have tested them for functionality and compatibility. Well, your car will have a longer lifespan if you stick to getting the right genuine spare parts.

Another important factor in genuine parts is that they are easy to find. It as long as you know the dealership near you, walk to them and ask for it.

The dealerships never lack genuine spare parts tested from the manufacturer. Even if they don’t have it at the time of the request, they will ask you to wait as they order for you. In this manner, you don’t have to walk from shop to shop looking for the parts.

An added advantage is that they are parts that were used by the company and will not alter the performance of your car.

Because they are easy to find, you don’t have to risk your car with fake components. The logo makes it seem as though you never even replaced it.

Apart from the advantages above, genuine components come with a warranty. Many people buy genuine spares from dealerships because of this.

If for any reason you run into trouble with your car because of the part, the company will replace it for you within a given time frame. Everything will be done without you having to pay for anything, not even labor costs. This means you can relax knowing you are fully covered.

Original Equipment Manufacturer parts

Genuine parts can come from any manufacturer that has the authority of the car maker. OEM parts, on the other hand, are spare parts manufactured specifically by the company that built them for the automaker. It is just the same part as your new car.

The only difference is that OEM parts do not have the logo of the company. A company that manufactures parts for one automaker may sell them under their brand. Such parts are ok, but they have a few disadvantages.

For instance, they cost a little bit more than the aftermarket ones. This is because the same company manufactures them and so the cost is almost maximum.

They are not easy to find. OEM parts are limited to the company’s dealership. If you are living in remote Indian places, accessing such parts like you would replacement parts from your locality is not easy. Even the dealerships themselves make hard to get.

Though OEM parts are expensive, they may not match the quality of some aftermarket parts. If you are looking to save some cash, it is probably better to leave the OEM parts out of the picture.

When looking for spare parts for your car, consider the quality you are getting from the market. This is why OEM and genuine parts are most recommended.


Blog Source: SWNS | A guide to buy genuine car parts


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