Tips for Windshield Replacement to Classic Cars

Classic Car Windshield

Classic auto glass and old vehicle auto glass should be subject to special consideration. For example, classic auto glass and old vehicle auto glass is harder to find today than it used to be, but it’s necessary if you want to properly restore the condition of your car. Luckily, with the windshield replacement professionals, you have all the help you need. They’ll help you determine whether you need an auto glass repair or replacement. If you have an older vehicle you’re eager to return to its past glory, consider the auto glass repair and replacement tips below.


Tip #1: Replacement ideas

Replacing a window, sunroof or mirror in a classic car tames time. The glass that fits perfectly with your vehicle may not be in production from the original manufacturer any longer, which means a custom auto glass order will have to be placed.

If you drive an old truck, rear window replacements will almost certainly include aftermarket auto glass. Similarly, trucks that have the triangular pop out window in the cab and need to be replaced will probably require custom auto glass.


Tip #2: Remove tinting

Older windows tend to have a natural tint due to the sun that has come through the filter of the window for decades. Here are some things to think about if you want to remove the film on your own:


Tip #3: Leave it alone

Some classic auto glass and old vehicle auto glass issues are beyond repair. Fixing chips from rocks on the highway or other damage will likely not work for a car that is more than 30 years old. Replacement will be your only option.

There are some instances where classic auto glass repair is an option. Get in touch with the classic auto glass experts to discover your best options.


If your vehicle is over 30 years old and the windshield sustains damage, you’re often better off getting a replacement rather than a repair. Fixes to chips and cracks in the car’s original windshield are not destined to last long. A fresh windshield is a much better option. If you decide to have an auto glass replacement for a vehicle 30 years or older, the expert suggests you shoot for a custom glass replacement. Glass fitting older models is most likely no longer in production, and you could spend a whole lot of time searching only to come up empty-handed. A replacement may not even be necessary if you’re only after some modest alterations.

Many older vehicles have acquired tints due to sun exposure over the years, so the extra tint film is no longer needed. If you want, you can remove this tint at home. Start by steaming the interior of your car to make removing the film simpler. Make sure you cover all of your electronics so nothing is damaged. Afterward, put on your gloves to protect against residue; then, slowly and carefully peel away the film.


Blog Source: Action Auto Glass | Classic Auto Glass and Old Vehicle Auto Glass Tips by James Davis


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