Top Five Decorating Tips To Get You Started With Canvas Wall Art


Did you recently move to a new home or flat? Are you bored with your bare walls or dated decor?

In either case, canvas wall art is the perfect solution. It can transform any room in your home from blah to beautiful.

From  and inspirational quotes to trendy pop art and vintage movie posters, there’s canvas wall art to suit every taste.

How do you know what type of wall art will look best in your home? Here are our top five decorating tips to get you started.

1. Choose the Setting and Mood

First of all, where will you hang your new canvas wall art? The location in your home is just as important to consider as the art itself.

Will you hang your canvases in a hallway or stairwell? The master bedroom? Your home office or living room?

Family portraits displayed in a hallway or other common area can bring a smile to everyone’s face as they pass by. For your bedroom, you might choose a scene that’s soothing, restful, and intimate.

If you’re decorating your office, an inspirational saying or beautiful landscape can help you stay motivated. Canvas wall art (or a series of canvases) also look great in the living room or kitchen or above the fireplace.

The colours you choose also make an impact on the overall mood of the room. For example, reds, oranges, and yellows are vibrant and energizing. Blues, greens, and neutral tones are more calming.

2. Furniture Pairings

Before you select your canvas, you need to consider what’s already in your home. Is your furniture modern and funky, or more traditional and formal?

An abstract or pop art canvas would look great above a retro-style couch, but it would clash with an antique dining table. Vintage posters of wine and food would look terrific in your kitchen, but may not make as much sense in the master bathroom.

Whatever style of furniture and decor you have in your home, choose canvas art that complements it.

Trying to open up a small room? Choose a landscape, sunset, or any scene with a horizon. The canvas artwork will act as a “window” and provide instant depth to make small areas feel larger.

Would you like to add ambience to a small bedroom, library, or office? A grouping of small canvases will make the room feel comfortable and cosy.

3. Size Matters

You want to consider both the size of the wall and the room when selecting canvas wall art.

In most cases, larger canvases look good on tall, broad walls and open spaces. Too large a canvas on too small a wall can be overwhelming and make the room feel confining and cluttered.

On the other hand, canvases that are too small get lost on a big wall. Rather than adding to the ambience, it can make the room feel disproportionately empty.

If you’re unsure what size canvas to buy, try taping the wall with painter’s tape in the size you’re considering. Then step back and see how the size looks and feels.

Are you buying a canvas to hang above a couch or table? Any art placed over furniture shouldn’t be wider than the piece of furniture itself. Decorators recommend aiming for 75% of the width of the furniture.

4. Consider Mixed Media

One large canvas may make a beautiful addition to your home, but it’s far from your only option.

One scene spread across two to five panels can have an equally dramatic effect. You might also consider a series of panels highlighting your wedding day, a family holiday, or another similar theme.

The great thing about groupings like these is you can add other items to complement the art. For example, you could hang your lace veil over the edge of your wedding portrait. Or you could display ticket stubs or other mementos from a cherished vacation or event.

Want a more classic look? Try pairing your canvases with existing decor such as cabinets, clocks, or skeleton keys. Shelves, plants, and flowers also make charming complements to canvas wall art.

5. Configuration and Height

Are you considering a grouping or collage of canvases? Make sure you have enough variety in the photos you select.

Yes, your wedding dress was beautiful, but do you really need four similar portraits of you wearing it? What about mixing it up with photos of your cake, bouquet, or rings?

This way, you can create an elegant grouping without it feeling repetitive or overwhelming.

How high should you hang your canvases? The industry standard for “eye level” is 57 inches (or 144 cm) above the ground.

Does that mean that every piece of wall art you hang should be at that exact level? Not necessarily. Much depends on the height of your walls, furniture, and how many canvases you’re hanging.

Also, keep in mind that you don’t have to hang all your canvases side by side at exactly the same height. Create a few rows or follow a zigzag pattern across your wall to make the grouping more interesting.

Final Thoughts on Canvas Wall Art

Decorating your home is about more than just making it look nice. It’s your chance to get creative, share memories, and showcase your interests.

Feeling inspired? Ready to fill your empty walls with your own beautiful canvas wall art?


Blog Source: Blue Horizon Prints | 5 Tips for Decorating With Canvas Wall Art


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